Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jericho Vermont dogs protect property

August 2015

Jericho vermont

Dog 'attack'.  Or, dog defends home and property from trespasser. 
Suppose it is dependent upon your personal views. #AnimalRights #PropertyRights
#PrivateProperty #DogDefense

If they wanted strangers to pick their berries, they would advertise.  People can't just do whatever the fuck they want, whenever they want to.  Stay off people's property.  If you are not expected, and a stranger, fuck off.

These dogs have no history of aggression.  They are first time offenders.  They should be allowed a second chance.  Perhaps, vet appointed rehab/analysis?  I mean, this is vermont, there are humans still on the road with 5-6 DUI's under their fucking belt.  Humans always get another chance.  I thought we were progressive and allowed a few fuck ups.  People beat people up. They get probation. People bite other people. They get probation. People attack other people. They get probation.
Change animal rights. Give these dogs probation.  Don't fucking kill them because the protected their home.  
And don't let the Jericho woman off because she is a 'victim'.  She had no business being there.  She should know, in no uncertain terms, that she had no right to be there. She has no right to trespass on any fucking property that is not hers or public property.  

The only reason people will point and say "death" is because it's an animal.  We need animal rights update.  We need to pass a law to protect our pets.  If a pet protects its home, the pet should not be put to death.  

If you are walking down the street, and a loose dog attacks you, that is different.  If you are at the beach and a stray or loose dog bites you, that is also different. 

This chick went on property she had NO RIGHT to, and got bit.  The dogs should not be killed because of that. 
Own your own berries. Buy berries. Pay to pick berries at mazzas. 
Stay the hell off other people's property. Leave other people alone. If you don't know them, stay away.  It's theirs, not yours.
This is really a sensitive spot for me, obviously. There are two reasons I am uber sensitive about not fucking with people. The first:
 I own a good amount of property with atv trails we made and keep up.  Our entire property line is posted. Private. No trespass. No hunting. Blah blah blah.
Even then...our property is filled with bloodthirsty trespassing hunters, assholes walking through, and dicks on 4 wheelers. Even had a few drive right across my front lawn and down my driveway leaving our woods.
They have no right to do that.  People today are so bold and fucking entitled.  
Wonderful to know that if some trespasser got injured in my woods, I'd be liable.  Or, if someone was trying to break in here and hurt themselves, I'd be liable.
The second: I am a crippled chick.  There was one specific instance where I wanted to maul some jackass myself.  In line, at a store, some man (a stranger to me), pushed my wheelchair forward a little and then kept his hand on the handle leaning.  I kept glaring at him, but the entitled prick was oblivious. So, I wheeled myself forward, thus removing his hands from my chair, and didn't he look all fucking indignant.  And I was very obvious of his glare.  Jackass.  Don't fuck with other people or their shit.  You have NO RIGHT.


  1. When you go on someone else's property, you are not breaking any laws in Vermont unless there are no trespassing signs. What she did was perfectly legal and within her rights. The fact she was going to ask for permission made her actions not only legal, but respectful. If that was a kid selling popcorn or cookies, they would have been killed. I would much rather have a dead dog than a dead person.

  2. I notice a common thread of scenarios involving this incident. The argument of children is always used.
    Fact is...every last bit of this is that chick fault. Those dogs and owner had had zero incident up until she decided to enter private property. A house, on a bit of land, with a driveway....how much more do people need to stay the hell away?
    Those homeowners need to contact every fuel delivery, ups delivery, company, usps that has ever been on their property to speak on behalf of those dogs.
    It's sad and sucks, but this story has a moral. Stay away from other people shit.
    ...and, I also read people commenting about 'what if her car broke down'....you know what? That is no ones problem but hers. My property is posted, and I still get fucking assholes coming on it. Vermont needs stiffer laws to protect Homeowners from covetous trespassers.

  3. And furthermore, why not try looking at this trough an aperture of kindness rather than (I assume) familial vengeful sadism? These dogs have never killed anyone, never bit a child. Let's try an end sadistic acts ending in death because it's an animal. And quite honestly, your statement of "I'd rather have a dead dog than a dead human" was irresponsible And malicious.

  4. Thank you for this new perspective. You are saying that if a dog "trespasses" on my property, I have the right to kick the dog until it needs stitches. It's clearly the dog's fault. The dog HAS NO RIGHT to be on my property.

  5. Obviously I am not saying that. I am unable to. Humans and animals have different laws.

    However martyrdom under the guise of child saftey is a pretty highly trafficked excuse...especially when one is at fault.

    Bottom line: the home owners and their dogs were living life as per usual up until a berry coveting trespasser showed up unannounced and univited on their property.

    If the argument is 'there wasn't a posted sign', well, guess what else it was bereft of? An 'open to the public' sign.

    Stay off people's property.

  6. And I would hope dog owners would keep their dogs on their own property...like the homeowners.

  7. Horrible, horrible story if I've ever read about one. I agree with your notion--the dogs were only protecting their turf from some stranger who dared cross into it. She was trespassing; that's it. She doesn't have the right to sue anyone because she got hurt, when in fact she should be the one to be sued in the first place.

    Courtney Lynch @ Anthony Fieldhouse & Co