Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Catch you on the FLIP.

And you have to; you must come to peace with the carnage.

Carnage is disguises itself as abandoned animals, captivity, the very vivid idea of torture.  However, it isn't always that candid,

You can't just capture carnage.  That shit takes years,

My family, my 'loved ones',...carnage.  They are no different to me now, than a petition to sign for justice.

I didn't make it that way,  that is just the way it is.

And I am doubtful that the goal of signatures will be reached.

Fuck ideology.  Fuck an idyllic snapshot of memory.

That has passed.

That is past.

Move on,

Regardless of present suffering.

Collateral damage,

Always someone in the crossfire.

I did not pull the trigger.

You did.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015


And so, another day is coming to a they do.

Had an interesting twitter day;  had someone tell me they felt bad for my anger at injustice toward animals and the cruelty and suffering they endure.  Neato.

Of course, this person is one of those 'live an let live', fuckers.  Ya know?  The kind of fuckface that wants to live anyfuckingway that they choose, regardless of the repercussions.  Yep.  Forsaken.  Sorry not sorry, but live like you GIVE A FUCK! I mean, really.  What do YOU give a fuck about?  Your own pleasure? 

Wow.  That's novel.  If that's your answer than join the ranks of all of the ZILLIONS of other fuckfacebook morons out there.  Trust me, you are NOT alone.  There are millions of mindless cells just waiting for your attachment to detachment.  Desensitization.  Yep. Nutshell, mother fucker.  You ain't worth nothing.


Paul Watson had an excellent article posted in a german magazine.  Basically, telling everyone to smarten the fuck up and go vegan.  I enjoy his succinct to the point vernacular.... So many humans run around this planet, pussy footing, being 'kind' all that jazz, nah. Fuck that shit...tell the truth.

Humans are a fucking plague upon this planet.  Humans destroy, over time, everything that they come in contact with.

If humans cannot eat it, they fuck it, or they exploit it, they enslave it, they reduce it to a tool.  Humans have a utilitarian ideal of animals.  Humans commodify animals until they have less feeling than tin cans filled with carrots.

What the fuck is our problem??

Exactly WHAT is it, that we just expect from animals?  Should human just expect alligators to surrender their skin? #Hermes should we just allow #sheep in #Argentina to shed their wool and skin so that HuMAMS can have Their dead bodies for skin and their wool?  

God, yes. Tell the fucking truth.

Tell the truth about captive cetaceans....that their brains are far more complex than humans...yet we imprison them....we enslave them.  For profit.  

Humans obsession with money.  Cold,  hard,  cash.

We are the captives.  We are captivated with fantasies.  We are captivated with contrived happiness. Our environments aren't quite good enough for we create them. All at the expense of animals in the environment.

Fuck humans for their lack of humanity,

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

RT, Share, Like, ♥️, Quote.... might be a tweet.  A tweet for justice.

Someday, you might be a shared story...remarkable transformation after s horrific life of abuse.

Someday, you might be a headline. HUMAN sold for flesh! 


You won't be a tweet, you won't be shared.
 You will never be a fucking headline.

You won't even be a lonely hashtag.

Nope,  you won't be nothing.  You have done fuck all in terms of exemplary.  Your species is not notable enough.  Just existing your fucking contrived life doesn't get a retweet.

You have done nothing in terms of survival.  You exist on programs, government loans, government bailouts, taxpayers dollars.  

That's your claim to fame.  :)

Don't it make you smile?

Friday, October 9, 2015

If I were an orca...

Just tried do do some more 'family' shit.

You know...communicate with those that are of your own bloodline.  Seeing how cetaceans have gotten humans beat.  The southern pods stay together for a life time.  Must be their parents weren't utter shit bags.  Must be their siblings weren't repugnant.  Must be their entire "pod", I.e, "family" were at, the vey least, chock full of elements that made them integral.  They were invaluable. They were meeting whatever needs..

Was reading some interesting orca profiles; there's a "'disabled' killer whale, that her family actually catches fish for her. They protect her. They nourish her.  They are determined that she thrives within the pod.

The family,

See.  This is where I get all bloated with a lot of gaseous go and 'fuck yourself'.

Don't get me wrong.  The fact that these "lesser beings" (lesser than humans) are cognizant, compassionate, and empathetic of their disabled pod member is poignant.

Just saying...I am very happy for her.  

I am more than happy for her that she is an orca.

Because my human affliction disallows that type solidarity in familial bonds.  It doesn't hold water for me.


Fuck them.  ( the humans, I mean)

I am saturated with cetacean love.  But human blood connections? 

Nah.  Fuck em.  They're forsaken.

I don't waste my time anymore.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Post title

And I made my way through one more day in hell. Signed a petition for justice for some soulless cocksucker that shot a dog in the face, blowing its muzzle to pieces. Sent a letter to the California coastal commission as an anti captivity supporter in opposition to #Seaworld blue world project which is such utter bullshit. Orca inbreeding. More space for more slave cetaceans. Fuck you, seaworld. Money machine. Signed a plethora of varying petitions for change, all benefitting animal welfare and animal rights. Seems the military thinks it's humane to use pigs as targets to practice on...then, once they shoot them, they 'dress their wounds'. Yeah, that sounds like a benefit to humans. Fucking vile. Signed against Cambridge and their twisted, demented sadist fucking test lab. Those sick fucks. They give baby primates ecstasy to see the effects for human benefit. They also drill holes into conscious cats skulls to record brain activity, thus benefitting humans. Fuck you, Cambridge. Scummy fucks. Thankful for another blue cove day. #OpHenkaku Then, signed for justice; a group of teenage boys in the Midwest strapped a dog with fireworks...and lit them. They recorded it. Mega tweets for #BloodLions and I just want to say to any fucking sadist, dickless, trophy hunting fucking tool...your life on this planet is meaningless. See, sadism serves absolutely NO purpose here. It does fuck all for the Eco system aside from damaging it. Your life is that of a disease strain. You are not organic. Nah, it took a long time to build you. A lot of ignorance and passivity and mindlessness bred you. The only way to #EndSadism is to end sadists. They are forsaken. ...think of how nice it would be here, without them to cause ruination. Signed petitions for elephants poached...not the good old fashioned way with high powered rifles...nah, these fucking scumbags got all inventive. They utilized the magical powers of CYANIDE. Yep. How clever. Fuck you sadists...your time is coming. Center stage. This world we live in, chock full of artifice....everything a Petrie dish for sadism. Media babies, had babies. Fun. Media babies were already pretty fucked, now they are rearing their own broods. Not even gonna get into that. This day, is coming to a close. Eyelids too heavy... It's already tomorrow; and I hadn't even finished today. #DontBeAFuckFace

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

No soundtrack, please. None needed.

Was watching some animal rescue video. You know...light at the end of the tunnel...torch in the darkness.....glimmer of hope in the pitch.... And I left it feeling worse. Why? Because of the human element. There was video of a rescued cow. She had cried all night long, and they didn't know why. In the morning, they saw that her teats were leaking, she had a full udder. She was lactating because she had a baby. The rescue team immediately phoned the farm she came from, the inquired if she had a calf. Yes. It was actually on a truck now, headed for slaughter. They did a stellar human thing, they chased down the truck, identified her baby, and rescued him. Then, filmed the reuniting of mother and son. I would have been in tears had it not been for the overlapped blaring Whitney fucking Houston 'I will always love you'. Fucking please. Obscene. Like animals need a 'soundtrack'. No, that's a human thing. Oh well. Maybe animal rescue videos are the new 'food porn'. Sad. Sick fucking debased world to live in. That mother cow was crying for her baby. She cried all night. She din not sleep a wink. Then, when she was reunited with her child, she slept. She stopped crying. If you just HAVE to eat meat, then eat your own fucking babies. Stop eating theirs you fucking psychopath.

As per usual

And yet another horse carriage Twitter evening with a pack of horse exploiting profiteers. You know, the ones that charge money for your fat, sweaty ass to be hauled around busy city streets by a draft horse all day. Regardless of the weather. Cha-ching. Cash profit. Horse sweat. Horse blood. Well, this evening was pretty par for the course. A horse slaver defended an abuse charge against a fellow horse slaver. Apparently the abuse charge was dismissed. That was their point. She even hash tagged factmatters for a little extra oomph. Well, like I give a fuck. The FACT is, right outta the gate, that animals have shitty rights. Pretty much nothing. So, after looking at pictures of this Emaciated horse, with visible blood, hair missing from where the bridle straps rubbed on his face, a hind leg injury, open fucking wounds.... Well, see why I could give a fuck what a horse slaver has for facts? I am not shocked that the skin and bones, bloodied, injured horse was dismissed. No, that doesn't surprise me. What does fucking surprise me is that there are fucking people that defend that...I've been tweeted by these slavers, that the horses are 'thriving'. Yeah. Sure. The beef farmer down the road will tell you what a wonderful life his cows are living. Bestiality is still legal in 13 US states....vermont is one of them. So why, oh why, would I be shocked that a bloody, bony carriage horse that was fucking limping while carting around a carriage load of disgusting humans? Why would that shock me? I just signed an e petition for justice for a dog that was strangled and thrown into a dumpster. The 22 yo chick that did it said her boyfriend didn't like the dog anyway. Did she ' go to jail'? Lol Animal rights don't exist. And if they do exist, it is an abstract thought. I have emailed HUNDREDS of my states legislation, asking why bestiality is legal. They don't have a fucking clue. Most tell me that it fits in the animal abuse category. La di fucking da Or, I get a response saying that while it isn't illegal, it isn't legal. Wow, that's rich. Fucking idiots. So, no..,the horse slaver wasn't a surprise. She was pretty much counted on. She makes money off her animal. Cos she can. People pay her for it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Cemetery stomach, the walking dead.

The weight of knowing the truth. Subjecting yourself, actually no subjection....just finally having the balls to look at the truth. Factory Farming The commodification of animals. Yes, they are animals. Living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings. We don't like that. Makes it harder for us to chow down on our sandwich, How much longer are you going to choose mindless drone over free thought? I dunno. I do know that many a meat eater is just as commodified as an animal. You are man made. You are a thing. not...have an identity. You are not unique. You are no different than a barcode. You are just like everybody else. Keep gorging on flesh. Dining on carrion. Vulture. Hyena. Cos you weren't the one that killed it. Proxy killer. I am sick and tired for paying for your debt to the USDA Choke on whatever tortured animal flesh that is your preference. Invent a wheel. Smear your shit upon the walls of the cave your family dwells inside. I've got no use for you. I have not commodified you. You are forsaken. Death eater.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Buy a ticket? I hate you

Cat vine?
Raccoon head stuck in a can vine?
Seaworld show?

WHEN, I beseech you, are humans going to connect the fucking dots, and realize that these ARE NOT our animals?

They are not here to entertain us.  
They are not ours.

We have no right to hold them captive.

You like captivity so much? Break the law...then you will be behind bars.

What have animals done to be deserving? They're cute?  They make us laugh? They are captivating?
Yeah, animals put the captive in captivating.

Fucking humans,  leave it to us to ruin every fucking good thing that we have access to.

Fuck whale watching..,I wanna see an orca wave its tail.  Fuck African safaris...I don't have the cash, guess I'll just head down to the local zoo.  I havent got the cash to shell out for a trip to Alaska...fuck it, I'll just drive to the closest aquarium that houses penguins and polar bears.

Yeah. That's the animals job.  To just hang out, in captivity, just waiting....for me to pay to go see them.

That's so fucking human of you.

I hate you.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Thank you, pink Floyd. Factory farms. Extra bacon? Quarter pounder? Mc fucking nuggets? Welcome. To the machine. Holy fucking shitballs. We cannot be human! No way! After viewing a plethora or factory farm surreptitious way could a HUMAN being be fine with it. An impossibility surmounting. Come on Vegan or not. Really? Baby piglets abused? You ok with that, humanoid? Welcome, to the machine. Really? Cetaceans in captivity for YOUR entertainment? Aquarium= education?? Welcome to machine, you have become comfortably numb. Wake up. Shake it off. I am not ok with that. You are? I remain unshocked. You don't surprise me. Mindless. Drone. Force fed propaganda like a frois gras goose. And you are hungry. So fucking hungry for your next force feeding God, you are vile Especially that your hunger is not sated by the tube forced down your throat,...pumped beyond full with shit. So many hundreds of thousands of gallons of blood spilled from sentient beings....for you. You vapid, fucking nobody. You fuckfacebook moron. You mastuabatory, easily impressed with yourself commodity. Enjoy, fuckface. Enjoy what you have been told. Because, would be subject to some serious fucking crimes against nature. You pay to have others kill..for you. Proxy. Google the definition, dumbass. Cos, I know you don't know it. No matter how intelligent you project .yourself as....autocorrect DON'T fool anyone. You are not even a piston in the engine, are a smear of oil....just to keep everything running. It's almost sad how big of a price tag you brandish on your own head. I think I am embarrassed for you. You are just a sniveling little shit. Funny. Keep writing your drivel. You impress like minded people. You got. p.h.d in douchebaggery :) And, you don't know it.