Tuesday, October 6, 2015

As per usual

And yet another horse carriage Twitter evening with a pack of horse exploiting profiteers. You know, the ones that charge money for your fat, sweaty ass to be hauled around busy city streets by a draft horse all day. Regardless of the weather. Cha-ching. Cash profit. Horse sweat. Horse blood. Well, this evening was pretty par for the course. A horse slaver defended an abuse charge against a fellow horse slaver. Apparently the abuse charge was dismissed. That was their point. She even hash tagged factmatters for a little extra oomph. Well, like I give a fuck. The FACT is, right outta the gate, that animals have shitty rights. Pretty much nothing. So, after looking at pictures of this Emaciated horse, with visible blood, hair missing from where the bridle straps rubbed on his face, a hind leg injury, open fucking wounds.... Well, see why I could give a fuck what a horse slaver has for facts? I am not shocked that the skin and bones, bloodied, injured horse was dismissed. No, that doesn't surprise me. What does fucking surprise me is that there are fucking people that defend that...I've been tweeted by these slavers, that the horses are 'thriving'. Yeah. Sure. The beef farmer down the road will tell you what a wonderful life his cows are living. Bestiality is still legal in 13 US states....vermont is one of them. So why, oh why, would I be shocked that a bloody, bony carriage horse that was fucking limping while carting around a carriage load of disgusting humans? Why would that shock me? I just signed an e petition for justice for a dog that was strangled and thrown into a dumpster. The 22 yo chick that did it said her boyfriend didn't like the dog anyway. Did she ' go to jail'? Lol Animal rights don't exist. And if they do exist, it is an abstract thought. I have emailed HUNDREDS of my states legislation, asking why bestiality is legal. They don't have a fucking clue. Most tell me that it fits in the animal abuse category. La di fucking da Or, I get a response saying that while it isn't illegal, it isn't legal. Wow, that's rich. Fucking idiots. So, no..,the horse slaver wasn't a surprise. She was pretty much counted on. She makes money off her animal. Cos she can. People pay her for it.

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