Monday, October 5, 2015

Cemetery stomach, the walking dead.

The weight of knowing the truth. Subjecting yourself, actually no subjection....just finally having the balls to look at the truth. Factory Farming The commodification of animals. Yes, they are animals. Living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings. We don't like that. Makes it harder for us to chow down on our sandwich, How much longer are you going to choose mindless drone over free thought? I dunno. I do know that many a meat eater is just as commodified as an animal. You are man made. You are a thing. not...have an identity. You are not unique. You are no different than a barcode. You are just like everybody else. Keep gorging on flesh. Dining on carrion. Vulture. Hyena. Cos you weren't the one that killed it. Proxy killer. I am sick and tired for paying for your debt to the USDA Choke on whatever tortured animal flesh that is your preference. Invent a wheel. Smear your shit upon the walls of the cave your family dwells inside. I've got no use for you. I have not commodified you. You are forsaken. Death eater.

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