Monday, August 31, 2015

Get out of your fucking cave

Have zero tolerance for sadistic acts towards animals.

Do not allow them to be enslaved.
Do not imprison them in captivity.
Do not work them.
To not force them to perform.
Do not mass breed them.
Do not consume them.

It's all money.  Don't you get it? It s a fucking money machine.  Does the earth really benefit from shark fin soup? What the fuck type evolvement do humans acquire from paying to see prisoners?  Slaves. That's what animals are now. They're fucking slaves. What the fuck is wrong with this world that make that fine by us?  What kind of barbaric nature inside of us allows that?

I am so sick of the human race.  I hate us.  We are ruthless. We are unconscionable.  We are greedy.  We are demented.  We lust for blood.  

God help us.  And I ain't even religious.  

Please, for one moment of your precious human time...consider a family. A non human family. A non human 'he' or 'she'....with babies. And joy. 

Honest to fucking God....go vegan.  For the animals.  For the earth. And for any remote humanity that might be left.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Utterly loathesome. The human animal

Treated like bruised fruit...a dropped pear. An orange falls off a table.  No big deal.

But these are ANIMALS.  I saw a video, earlier this evening, of a metal trailer carrying pigs.  The video showed at least three human men (sadists) nearby watching the trailer lowered.  Well, the trailer dropped...on the pigs legs.  I cannot get the visual of the pigs face, distorting in extreme pain, it was screaming in agony.  The men? They didn't even LOOK.

Treated like bruised fruit...a dropped pear. An orange falls off a table.  No big deal.

Jesus Christ, humanity.  You better get you shit together.  This never ending sadistic humanoid is infiltrating and aiding the desensitization of the ignorant fucking masses.

"Well, it's just a pig."  Yeah. Fuck you, you absolutely callous repugnant thing.  

"That's what animals are for." Really?  

"Animals don't feel pain."  A screaming pig....a SCREAMING pig, in agony.  You heartless, brainless thing.

And some other pig hating sadist threw a pig out of a truck going 65 miles per hour.  What the actual fuck?

I honestly, physically recoil each time the image of the screaming pig floods my mind.  I cannot shake it.  I sobbed, fists clenching.  I felt so much emotional pain.  The abuse and torture that "farmed" animals suffer through is....incomprehensible.  We are a horrid creature, we humans.  God, I fucking hate us.

There was quite a bit of tweeting, in regards to farmed animals, tonight about the bible.  Not so much the bible, but more so this idiotic human fascination with justifying EVERYTHING in the name of God.
"God gave us animals to eat".  Said one unenlightened fuckwit as a reply to a post about the cruelty to mother pigs in factory farms.  Fine, if you believe that, but where the fuck does the bible say to torture animals?  To abuse them?  Was there some psalm about beating up chickens that I overlooked?  Fuck you, for your stupidity.  Your words collect and you spread them out to others just as ignorant as you and they adopt your bullshit.  That's a real gem of a fucking paradigm to give.  Heartless dumbass.

While I am not religious, I have read parts of the bible.  There is textual evidence that Jesus and his disciples were vegetarians.  There is also text in which jesus warns that killing an ox is measured the same as killing a man.

Now, how is that mistaken? Overlooked? Ignored? Not taught in mass? 
I understand that no two people have the same way of integrating what they perceive, but come the fuck on! Killing an ox is the SAME as killing a man!!  Why is that left out of dietary debates?  Does that not fit the criteria for sadists to continue with their bullshit propaganda?  

People throw God around for anything...and they seem to really like throwing God around to justify their animal eating.  

As ungod as I am, I have a bit of a theory.  My theory is that the animals are the meek that shall inherit the earth.
Supporting evidence?
Watch a skinny douchebag man repeatedly smash a rake into the side of an elephants head, and watch that elephant turn from the blows.
See a heartless asshole beat his dog near death, and see that dog wag his tail at humans.
Watch a money hungry greed machine exploit Emaciated Tigers at a traveling zoo.  Watch him grab them by their necks and drag them to the performance area. 

An elephant could easily kill a man.  A dog could easily become a vicious misanthrope. An adult tiger could easily rip a mans throat out and lap blood from his brain stem.

...I am waiting for an idiot drone troll to say "that's cos they're fucking stupid"...

No.  They are not.  They are the meek.

What does a human suffer?  A low battery?  A missed lunch?  I don't understand.  I implore you, why?   

I feel that I, as a human, am obligated to suffer through a video, image, picture, story of whatever plight whatever animal suffers through. ....torturously so... It is mine.  I own that.  Because I am a human,  and goddamn myself for being born human.  Why couldn't it have been me?  

I hate myself for being human.  Please.  I am not a tree hugger, I am not a bleeding heart liberal.  I am just a living, thinking, feeling thing....and I cannot take this anymore.

But, my agony,

I go on living. I get to tweet, share. I live. No matter how meager.  That pig. The pig that haunts me.  God.  He was screaming in pain...and no one cared.
I cared.  Crippled. Wrecked with multiple sclerosis.  Born human.  Forced to live in this hell mouth.  I cared.  Just because I happened to be born human.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Animal rights...

We don't have to be hypocrites anymore

Save a lion, but torture and kill a cow? Hypocrite.

If you are passionate about justice for Cecil, then find the capacity for justice for ALL animals.

Cows...they are not just a fast food.
Pigs.....they are not for breakfast.  They think and feel and create mischief.  Let them play.  Stop eating them
You don't have to eat them, despite what media tells you via commercials.

If you ever drank a sugar soda, and then discovered diet soda....the. You can make this connection.
Beef burger =. Factory cow. Steroids. Hormones. Suffering, torture, death.
Plant based 'meat' I.e. Diet meat.
No pain. No suffering.
Why...why would you willingly EAT a sentient being?  A conscious, autonomous, LIVING thing?
Fuck you, just eat your neighbor.

And, are we stupid? A resounding 'yes'.  Seaworld reports on captive/performing orcas'eye mucus' has NOTHING to do with the fact that they FORCE them to live in chlorine. Nah. Must be bullshit. #Blackfish
Wtf is wrong with everyone living on planet earth?!
Did rachel Ray desensitize us to bacon? With her triple bacon burger!?
Christ, you believe everything you hear? ...I have oceanfront property for sale in Montana,,,,,you fucking media baby,
Don't go all jason and the Argonauts on me here and claim 'lulled'. Cos, honestly, you have access. You fucking liar.
You can use. 'Google' on the Internet machine and Search "grass fed factory farm cow.

You must not have the " time" to know the you?

Getting a high score in candy crush? Fucking idiot human.

Or, let's talk orcas.  #Blackfish 

Have you ever spent any time viewing footage of killer whale behavior in captivity?  The repetition? The floating listlessly?  
How about #Hugo?  He was an orca imprisoned and forced to perform 6 times a day for giddy fucking morons to oh and ah whenever he leapt out of his tiny little 12 foot deep cement tank.  He committed suicide by repeatedly ramming his head into the cement.  They fucking threw his body into a dump.  Thanks, Hugo. For all the CASH!  
I hate the human race so fucking much that I can taste it.  It is shitty and acidic.  
Humans destroy everything.  That's our job on this planet.  It is to completely FUCK with everything...especially if there is money involved.  
God, I so hate myself, and you, and them. Fucking idiot humans exploit the piss out of anything they can, then they discard it.  
I am pouring my heart out here in regards to captivity.  I mean, animal rights in general; but currently #CaptivityKills is really tearing my heart out.
I am a crippled chick, I got a functioning brain but my legs are, I kinda sorta can empathize with captivity, as I am trapped inside myself.  I would never be a douche bag and say I know how an orca, manatee, dolphin or sea turtle feels as they swim around and live in chlorinated concrete pools.  No.  I am not that fucking douche bag.  But, and this is a hefty but, I do relate to captivity.  But I have my own canes and wheelchairs.  Captive whales have fucking NOTHING to aid them.  
Just take a moment and do a little research on captive orcas vs wild orcas.  And after you've researched for a minute or two, #BoycottSeaworld.  And tell #seaworld to go fuck themselves.  Never give them any more of your money and support there orca abuse program that has been going on for way too long.  #EmptyTheTanks #FreeLolita. 
Lolita has a rehab cove all set up and ready for her just as soon as her torturous 'owners' let her go to freedom.  Rehab and release awaits her.  Just use your voice.  Tweet and share the mother fucking shit out of #SeaworldOfHurt
It's been about time, for a long time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One, is one too many

Isn't it enough?  
We are up to murdering around 38 THOUSAND cows every day....just so you can stuff your pathetic face hole with, yet another, 'burger'.
Wtf is wrong with us?
The human machine.
The cold heartless proxy killer.
Every dairy or meat product you purchase is a fucking death sentance.
A death sentence equipped with a guarantee of up to living 4 entire years of fucking torturous HELL. 
Do you want that?  Is that ok with you?  As long as you have your fucking pork chops it doesn't matter that millions of pigs are suffering before they are horrifically murdered.  
Can we just stop?

Meat eaters, some anyway, are outraged at trophy hunters killing Cecil. Or, meat eaters are enraged at animals in captivity and they are boycotting seaworld and zoos.  
But, really....fucking REALLY; imagine the 'life' of a factory farm animal.
Cows, pigs, chickens.
I bet you can't.
Or, even you high and mighty 'grass fed', 'organic', 'free range' fucking idiots.
It ain't any different.
It is about time you get that through your myopic, self obsessed, ignorant, sanctimonious head.
It ain't no different.
Ends in death.  And, verdict is in via a gamut of undercover operations at organic, free range, grass fed factories.  Oh, wait. You expected me to say 'farms'? Well, fuck you. No.  They are factories. These are the rules. I don't make them up.
Lovely video of a 'free range' chicken.  She has one leg. Oh, and side note: the whole reason she is a 'she' is because boy chicks (baby baby chickens) are immediately killed. They are trash.  No eggs.
Keep living your megalomaniacal selfie infused self obsessed life.

Or, Google something other than Kim kardashians ass or 2015 sister wives.

Google animal rights, you selfish fucking moron.  You have a heart.  Use it.

Don't believe the beef, pork, nugget lies anymore. You are eating the bruised flesh of a tortured and exploited cow, pig and chicken.

Stop with the cutlets.  Stop with the sirloin.  Stop with the ground tenderloin.  It is a female cow.  A mother, that has been kept pregnant for 4 years.  Each time she gave birth, her baby was kidnapped from her by some fucking scumbag that kicked her, or punched her, and called her a 'dumb bitch' while stabbing her with a screw driver. Then she was in line.  A long line before her....all being chopped, sliced, cut.  Blood flowing, and don't you believe for one fucking minute that she didn't smell it and know their fate.  The screams of her kind filling her ears.
Yeah, fuck you for being party to this.
This is 2015.  Get out of your cave.  Pry your fucking iPhone away from your less attractive than you think face, and think about a cheese burger.  Think about bacon. Think about a chicken thigh.
Now think about your ass. Think about your sides. Think about your thighs.

An open letter to animal sadists

                    An open letter to animal sadists of the world.


     Today there are eyes and ears everywhere, in places you don't expect.  Empaths are watching you, sadists.  We are privy to your ways.  Technology allows your actions to NO longer go unseen or unheard.  Your vile treatment of animals is going viral.  No longer will your face only be known on your street, or town.  The state you reside in knows about you.  The country knows about you. The world knows about you.  Your sadistic face will be remembered for your violence toward animals.  You will be hunted by those that have compassion for the very living thing that you have tortured or killed. We know you now.  Picture, video, blog, tweet, post share, yahoo news....we fucking know you, and we know what you have done.  There is no escaping it, forever.

     Perhaps, someday, the cement #Seaworld tanks will be emptied, the factory farms will be emptied, the coves will be rid of bloodied nets, the puppy mills will be vacant, the circuses will be silent, the zoos will be a ghost town, the slaughterhouses will be barren, the dairy farms will be no more.

.....and we will fill them with you.  You will be held in captivity.  You will be abused.  You will be artificially inseminated. your babies will be kidnapped.  You will be forced to perform for an audience.  You will be hunted for you head.  You will be skinned alive.  You will be starved.  You will be kicked.  You will take the place of the innocent.
     Your trainers, handlers, owners, farmers, workers...they will disregard your cries.  They will ignore your pain.  They will cause your suffering.  They will perform tests on you.  They will enslave you.  They will chain you.  They will lock you behind bars.  They will imprison you on a cement floor for decades.  They will treat you as though you are not intelligent.  
     You will know deprivation.  You will know solitary confinement.  Your wounds will never heal fully.  You will be beaten.  They will malnourished you.  They will cruelly treat what is medically necessary without anesthesia.  They will slaughter your kind.  You will wait in line. You will smell the blood. You will hear their screams.  You will be mocked, laughed at.  You will sliced and hacked at with knives while you are alive. sick, repugnant fucking animal sadist.  One of these days, you will be viral.  Laws are changing.  We will hold you accountable.  Sadism will not go unpunished.

Until then.

#AnimalRights #EmptyTheTanks #BanTrophyHunting #BoycottSpain #BoycottSeaworld 
#Blackfish #AllLifeMatters #PETA #MercyForAnimals #EndSadism

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fuck you, Denmark

There are far too many safety nets.
If you take the. 'High road', and find yourself stuck...there is always a way down. And if there isn't, someone will create one for you,  that's society for you.  "Oh, that poor human fucked up, let's fix it for them".
What if your legs don't work? And you don't just fuck up?
Where is your safety net?
Not there.


And what if you're born a pilot whale? And you just happen to be swimming next tow twisted as fuck Denmark??  Safety net? No. Net? Yes.  A big ol 'you're fucked' net awaits you there. And if you are a late comer, then you will smell the fucking blood.
God, how I hate humans.  I hate humans for so many reasons.  But their lust for blood, their dickless power surge need to decimate, I hate that the most.

I can shake off a familial bond.  Big deal, we share the same parent... But bloodlust? The absolute genocide?  And, fucking pilot whales?  Excuse me...but fucking really?
How traditional. How coated with fresh life blood.  Fuck you, Denmark.
And fuck you, humans.

#animalrights #boycottdenmark #genocide #ashamedtobehuman 

And seriously....could humans be ANY more vile?? 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

#feral. Gypsies among us

Throwing your life to chance.

Is that a 'thing'? Do people do that? Are we not destined to rule our own world? Like demented little gods?  We just, one day, say fuck it!  "Let's see what life will give us, if we do this"..,

I dunno, if that happens.  I've only lived on this planet for 42 years.  Perhaps it does/has happened.  I can not say that I have, personally, known anyone that has successfully done that without s trust fund.  Or, without the brevity of fucking anything.

So. I suppose, it could.  If you had some sort of corporate or familial backing. Or, if you were some rube.  A gypsy sort.  "Yeah, let us live upon the land and take whatever it may give to us".

Ok.  I can recall my youth, which I was subject to the will of my elders.  I have, via their choices, been kicked out of private beaches.  The very beaches my elders claimed "God owned" at 2 o'clock in the fucking morning.  Reason being, God owned or not, seemed like god wasn't paying his fucking property taxes..,because legally, it was a private beach.  Still, my elders would persist.  "This is a free fucking country! I can go....blah blah blah...."

We still got kicked out.  Gods or not gods.

I, for many years, was party to the traveling caravan. The nomadic, gypsy type.  It was not my choice.  I found it alluring, but also unsettling.  I remember questioning why we were trodding on 'private property'.  Young, and angsty, I always thought "who are they to make this land private?"

Well, I have grown and matured and pay property taxes on land that I bought.  I now know the answer.  I really know the answer when gypsys trespass and use high power rifles to shoot deer in my back yard.  Now, now I know. 

Raised a nomad that ate borrowed or stolen food, that wore used clothing, that tread upon what was not theirs.  Yet I was indignant.  Why wouldn't I be in this free country? Who were 'they' to tell me what I can and cannot do?  

Now I know, having worked, paid, bought, owned.  That knowledge comes with time.  

And now, getting has become paramount to speak out for animals in captivity. #blackfish #freelolita #noseyTheElephant #letthemfree

...insert and hashtag for animal rights here.

Their dues? They are fucking PAID!  My dues?  I owe to the masses of animals who's blood is covering the landscape. Who's voices have no platform. Who are still enslaved.

Fuck humanoids.  We get everything. It's animals, that have what we see fit for them. And usually, it is next to nothing.

# ashamedtobehuman 

Saturday, August 22, 2015


It would be inhumane, to humanize animals.  In fact, humanizing animals is one of the cruelest thing we could do.  Allow them to be pure. Unlike us.  We are demented, and horny,..we are Abhorrent and sick.
What the fuck kind of fate do we wish upon animals to declare them 'human'.

On that note, I have two cold hard human facts for ya.

First off, I kind of want to really shed light on something sort of personal.

Earlier today was a deadline of sorts for s performance act of a very aged and arthritic elephant named nosey...or, tiny. Google nosey the elephant. What not? Nothing else to do after you have jacked off to some amateur porn and beat your friends score in candy crush, right?

So...along with the movement for animal rights, I signed a petition for the elephant ride to be cancelled at the New Jersey show.  Many humanoids weighed in supporting the cancelled elephant rides.  Due, mainly, to the FACT that nosey is old...(she's been enslaved for over two decades), and because she is visibly arthritic (lame).  And I want to point out, I am also a crippled chick.  I don't want a shit load of idiot children on my back.  However, there are claims by humanoids that 'nosey loves this type of shit' so, whatever.

I posted on the canal festival site, pleading for the cancellation of elephant rides....well.  I got called a troll.  And, because my profile pic is of my dog, rommel....I got called a hypocrite.

I remain unsure what a dog companion/hairy soul mate/pet has got to do with an elephant from Africa performing acts of entertainment for humanoids has in common.
Am I dumb?  Do I fail to connect the correlated dots here?
They said I was a hypocrite because I enslaved my dog.

.? Fucking, really?

My dog makes his own schedule and I would like to point out that I do not have lines of humans paying cash to ride on his back for several hours on a sunny August afternoon.  But, all that failed to penetrate the thick veneer that is this humanoids brains.

I am a troll.  And, in fact, they advised me to go petitionto stop elephant poaching and leave poor nosey riders alone.


Wow. This is the mentality of the herd?  It can't be...but, quite possible it might encapsulate the herd brains.

I am related to idiots that think it's fine to 'own' exotic animals...and, coincidentally, they also think it's better to have organic, free range beef over factory.  Fucking morons.

They is so much better to trust the hand that will eventually you slit their throat.  Fitting.
The psychopath.  Today's humanoid.  Keeps you happy till he kills ya.  Gotta love humanoids.  I lie, I fucking hate them.  #feral, I got the elephant police calling me a troll for having an opinion on animals used for our entertainment....and LO and behold, I have a dog.  Not really just a dog.  Rommel.  My soul mate.  I have never exploited him.  I have never forced him to produce any revenue for my personal gain.  So, I asked, is that all you got?

They still called me a hypocrite.  Okey dokey.  

Par for the course.  I was a vegetarian/activist for almost two decades.  I am remembering the keen idiocy of the masses.  All cool and shiny.  All hot and fuckable.

Oh....speaking of fuckable.... Bring me to my second cold hard human fact.

Some Shetland pony not only got raped, it got stabbed.  Twice, in its had to be euthanized.

Only a human.  You don't see great white sharks raping manatees.  You don't see lions fucking zebras before they maul them.  You don't see bees ass fucking aphids. 

Nah. That's a humanoid kinda thing.

This world makes me sick.

Fuck you for your lack of humanity.   #ashamedtobehuman #animalrights #boycottcircuses #endanimalslavery

Oh, and grow the fuck up, world.  Can you not 'Google' elephant? In today's day and age, can you not watch an educational video of elephants? Must you really 'ride' one? Especially and aged, arthritic elephant?

If you must truly witness the majestic elephant then go to fucking Africa.  On safari.  Maybe you will see a beautiful specimen.  Untouched by humanoids...with nobody riding it's  

And maybe, just maybe...something bigger than you, stronger than you, will eat you.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

One more, then another, and another...

Inaction is acceptance. 

Who are we, as a society, that we will quietly live among sadists?  No action is acceptance.  I am not going to talk about Argentina, or China.  I am talking about the United States. I am talking about my home.  Most likely, your home.  

In California, at a dog park, a few dogs and a couple wild animals died.  The toxicology reports revealed arsenic poisoning.  The park was searched and they found 'meatballs' laced with rat poison.
These people live among you.

In Florida, a 23 year old guy beat his parents dog to death with a flashlight. It was a golden retriever.  Are you a Floridian? Have relatives or vacation there?
These people live among you.

A group of guys used multiple high powered fireworks to kill a mixed breed dog filming the entire act and then uploading it.  They are New York residents.  Is that close to home? They surround you.
These people live among you.

In Tennessee, a couple sprayed kittens with a toxic, thick foam for 'fun'.  The foam ate away at the kittens delicate skin.  For fun.
These people live among you.

You live among these sadists.  They work with you.  They shop in the same aisle as you.  They share highways with you.  You sit behind them in the theatre.  You eat next to them in restaurants.  These people are not in a country an ocean away.
No.  They are here.

It is that fact ALONE that should catapult you into action.  Signs some campaigns.  Support animal rights petitions.  Speak for those that have no voice.  Have ZERO tolerance for sadistic acts of violence toward animals.  Demand to live in a neighborhood/town/city/state/country/world that holds sadists accountable.

Is the state of a society not a direct reflection of those that are a part of it?

If you cannot stand the sight of a picture or video of an animal being tortured, dead, etc....then DO something about it to make the act stop.

....delete candy crush from your fucking smart phone, and use the time you would have spent trying to beat your friends high score to sign petitions that are fighting for animal rights.  Sign your name in support of those that are demanding justice for acts of violence against animals.  Stand among those that will not allow sadism to go unpunished.
In 5 minutes you can virtually sign anywhere from 15-30 campaigns for change.  You can make this place safer for your own dog or cat or horse.  You can make it safer for your neighbors pets, or mine.  You can make it safer for animals.

You live a single life.

Make it worth something.  Make it matter.

...."only a righteous man regardeth the life of a beast"....

I ain't religious, but if you are, that shit is from the bible.  Verbatim.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


And...can we please stop with the terminology? 
Why is slaughter for animals, yet murder is for humans?
For fuck sakes....
Murder is murder.

5 innocent people killed? Yeah, right. So fucking innocent.

Which dead animal was guilty of abandoning its family?
What dead animal is guilty of fucking it's best friends wife?
What dead animal that you're wearing or eating, is dead due to it failure to follow judicial protocol?
Fucking none.

Humans? Dime a dozen. Ain't no innocent human.

They are innocent, of everything human imaginable.
Are here to protect


They are not a commodity.
They are not a fad,
They Re not an app.
They are not an upgrade.

They are better than you.