Saturday, August 15, 2015

A little bit more...

Aren't there quite enough programs for 'precious' humans? 
Fucking really?
I told you in the previous post that I was back.  So, I wanna know. Are there plenty of government funded outlets for humans to flourish in?
Want commodities? ...have babies
Want free dental? ....squeeze out a few puppies
Want medical insurance?  ....pop out some precious kiddos

Want sustainability? Stop eating carrion.
Want to end suffering? Educate your precious fucking self, and spend some time with the truth, the fucking truth is out there,
No, it isn't scandalous and sexy lesbo or bi action. No, it isn't glorified and coveted polyAmory or alternative lifestyle. No, sorry, it isn't an new app....

It's lambs and elephants...butchered and hacked at.  It's lions and pets destroyed and disregarded.  It is a domestic dog filmed and uploaded to stream live while a group of dîck less fucking humans torture and kill it with the cunning use of fireworks,

Fuck you, humanity, you a re an illusion, and illusion perpetuated by other humans. You do not exist.
And fuck you for your apathy.

I am feral. I was raised feral, and remain so. For a brief few years I allowed the government and media to domesticate me. That ship has sailed.  I am back, feral and wild. And fuck you.

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