Sunday, August 23, 2015

#feral. Gypsies among us

Throwing your life to chance.

Is that a 'thing'? Do people do that? Are we not destined to rule our own world? Like demented little gods?  We just, one day, say fuck it!  "Let's see what life will give us, if we do this"..,

I dunno, if that happens.  I've only lived on this planet for 42 years.  Perhaps it does/has happened.  I can not say that I have, personally, known anyone that has successfully done that without s trust fund.  Or, without the brevity of fucking anything.

So. I suppose, it could.  If you had some sort of corporate or familial backing. Or, if you were some rube.  A gypsy sort.  "Yeah, let us live upon the land and take whatever it may give to us".

Ok.  I can recall my youth, which I was subject to the will of my elders.  I have, via their choices, been kicked out of private beaches.  The very beaches my elders claimed "God owned" at 2 o'clock in the fucking morning.  Reason being, God owned or not, seemed like god wasn't paying his fucking property taxes..,because legally, it was a private beach.  Still, my elders would persist.  "This is a free fucking country! I can go....blah blah blah...."

We still got kicked out.  Gods or not gods.

I, for many years, was party to the traveling caravan. The nomadic, gypsy type.  It was not my choice.  I found it alluring, but also unsettling.  I remember questioning why we were trodding on 'private property'.  Young, and angsty, I always thought "who are they to make this land private?"

Well, I have grown and matured and pay property taxes on land that I bought.  I now know the answer.  I really know the answer when gypsys trespass and use high power rifles to shoot deer in my back yard.  Now, now I know. 

Raised a nomad that ate borrowed or stolen food, that wore used clothing, that tread upon what was not theirs.  Yet I was indignant.  Why wouldn't I be in this free country? Who were 'they' to tell me what I can and cannot do?  

Now I know, having worked, paid, bought, owned.  That knowledge comes with time.  

And now, getting has become paramount to speak out for animals in captivity. #blackfish #freelolita #noseyTheElephant #letthemfree

...insert and hashtag for animal rights here.

Their dues? They are fucking PAID!  My dues?  I owe to the masses of animals who's blood is covering the landscape. Who's voices have no platform. Who are still enslaved.

Fuck humanoids.  We get everything. It's animals, that have what we see fit for them. And usually, it is next to nothing.

# ashamedtobehuman 

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