Friday, August 28, 2015

Utterly loathesome. The human animal

Treated like bruised fruit...a dropped pear. An orange falls off a table.  No big deal.

But these are ANIMALS.  I saw a video, earlier this evening, of a metal trailer carrying pigs.  The video showed at least three human men (sadists) nearby watching the trailer lowered.  Well, the trailer dropped...on the pigs legs.  I cannot get the visual of the pigs face, distorting in extreme pain, it was screaming in agony.  The men? They didn't even LOOK.

Treated like bruised fruit...a dropped pear. An orange falls off a table.  No big deal.

Jesus Christ, humanity.  You better get you shit together.  This never ending sadistic humanoid is infiltrating and aiding the desensitization of the ignorant fucking masses.

"Well, it's just a pig."  Yeah. Fuck you, you absolutely callous repugnant thing.  

"That's what animals are for." Really?  

"Animals don't feel pain."  A screaming pig....a SCREAMING pig, in agony.  You heartless, brainless thing.

And some other pig hating sadist threw a pig out of a truck going 65 miles per hour.  What the actual fuck?

I honestly, physically recoil each time the image of the screaming pig floods my mind.  I cannot shake it.  I sobbed, fists clenching.  I felt so much emotional pain.  The abuse and torture that "farmed" animals suffer through is....incomprehensible.  We are a horrid creature, we humans.  God, I fucking hate us.

There was quite a bit of tweeting, in regards to farmed animals, tonight about the bible.  Not so much the bible, but more so this idiotic human fascination with justifying EVERYTHING in the name of God.
"God gave us animals to eat".  Said one unenlightened fuckwit as a reply to a post about the cruelty to mother pigs in factory farms.  Fine, if you believe that, but where the fuck does the bible say to torture animals?  To abuse them?  Was there some psalm about beating up chickens that I overlooked?  Fuck you, for your stupidity.  Your words collect and you spread them out to others just as ignorant as you and they adopt your bullshit.  That's a real gem of a fucking paradigm to give.  Heartless dumbass.

While I am not religious, I have read parts of the bible.  There is textual evidence that Jesus and his disciples were vegetarians.  There is also text in which jesus warns that killing an ox is measured the same as killing a man.

Now, how is that mistaken? Overlooked? Ignored? Not taught in mass? 
I understand that no two people have the same way of integrating what they perceive, but come the fuck on! Killing an ox is the SAME as killing a man!!  Why is that left out of dietary debates?  Does that not fit the criteria for sadists to continue with their bullshit propaganda?  

People throw God around for anything...and they seem to really like throwing God around to justify their animal eating.  

As ungod as I am, I have a bit of a theory.  My theory is that the animals are the meek that shall inherit the earth.
Supporting evidence?
Watch a skinny douchebag man repeatedly smash a rake into the side of an elephants head, and watch that elephant turn from the blows.
See a heartless asshole beat his dog near death, and see that dog wag his tail at humans.
Watch a money hungry greed machine exploit Emaciated Tigers at a traveling zoo.  Watch him grab them by their necks and drag them to the performance area. 

An elephant could easily kill a man.  A dog could easily become a vicious misanthrope. An adult tiger could easily rip a mans throat out and lap blood from his brain stem.

...I am waiting for an idiot drone troll to say "that's cos they're fucking stupid"...

No.  They are not.  They are the meek.

What does a human suffer?  A low battery?  A missed lunch?  I don't understand.  I implore you, why?   

I feel that I, as a human, am obligated to suffer through a video, image, picture, story of whatever plight whatever animal suffers through. ....torturously so... It is mine.  I own that.  Because I am a human,  and goddamn myself for being born human.  Why couldn't it have been me?  

I hate myself for being human.  Please.  I am not a tree hugger, I am not a bleeding heart liberal.  I am just a living, thinking, feeling thing....and I cannot take this anymore.

But, my agony,

I go on living. I get to tweet, share. I live. No matter how meager.  That pig. The pig that haunts me.  God.  He was screaming in pain...and no one cared.
I cared.  Crippled. Wrecked with multiple sclerosis.  Born human.  Forced to live in this hell mouth.  I cared.  Just because I happened to be born human.  

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