Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One, is one too many

Isn't it enough?  
We are up to murdering around 38 THOUSAND cows every day....just so you can stuff your pathetic face hole with, yet another, 'burger'.
Wtf is wrong with us?
The human machine.
The cold heartless proxy killer.
Every dairy or meat product you purchase is a fucking death sentance.
A death sentence equipped with a guarantee of up to living 4 entire years of fucking torturous HELL. 
Do you want that?  Is that ok with you?  As long as you have your fucking pork chops it doesn't matter that millions of pigs are suffering before they are horrifically murdered.  
Can we just stop?

Meat eaters, some anyway, are outraged at trophy hunters killing Cecil. Or, meat eaters are enraged at animals in captivity and they are boycotting seaworld and zoos.  
But, really....fucking REALLY; imagine the 'life' of a factory farm animal.
Cows, pigs, chickens.
I bet you can't.
Or, even you high and mighty 'grass fed', 'organic', 'free range' fucking idiots.
It ain't any different.
It is about time you get that through your myopic, self obsessed, ignorant, sanctimonious head.
It ain't no different.
Ends in death.  And, verdict is in via a gamut of undercover operations at organic, free range, grass fed factories.  Oh, wait. You expected me to say 'farms'? Well, fuck you. No.  They are factories. These are the rules. I don't make them up.
Lovely video of a 'free range' chicken.  She has one leg. Oh, and side note: the whole reason she is a 'she' is because boy chicks (baby baby chickens) are immediately killed. They are trash.  No eggs.
Keep living your megalomaniacal selfie infused self obsessed life.

Or, Google something other than Kim kardashians ass or 2015 sister wives.

Google animal rights, you selfish fucking moron.  You have a heart.  Use it.

Don't believe the beef, pork, nugget lies anymore. You are eating the bruised flesh of a tortured and exploited cow, pig and chicken.

Stop with the cutlets.  Stop with the sirloin.  Stop with the ground tenderloin.  It is a female cow.  A mother, that has been kept pregnant for 4 years.  Each time she gave birth, her baby was kidnapped from her by some fucking scumbag that kicked her, or punched her, and called her a 'dumb bitch' while stabbing her with a screw driver. Then she was in line.  A long line before her....all being chopped, sliced, cut.  Blood flowing, and don't you believe for one fucking minute that she didn't smell it and know their fate.  The screams of her kind filling her ears.
Yeah, fuck you for being party to this.
This is 2015.  Get out of your cave.  Pry your fucking iPhone away from your less attractive than you think face, and think about a cheese burger.  Think about bacon. Think about a chicken thigh.
Now think about your ass. Think about your sides. Think about your thighs.

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