Monday, August 24, 2015

Fuck you, Denmark

There are far too many safety nets.
If you take the. 'High road', and find yourself stuck...there is always a way down. And if there isn't, someone will create one for you,  that's society for you.  "Oh, that poor human fucked up, let's fix it for them".
What if your legs don't work? And you don't just fuck up?
Where is your safety net?
Not there.


And what if you're born a pilot whale? And you just happen to be swimming next tow twisted as fuck Denmark??  Safety net? No. Net? Yes.  A big ol 'you're fucked' net awaits you there. And if you are a late comer, then you will smell the fucking blood.
God, how I hate humans.  I hate humans for so many reasons.  But their lust for blood, their dickless power surge need to decimate, I hate that the most.

I can shake off a familial bond.  Big deal, we share the same parent... But bloodlust? The absolute genocide?  And, fucking pilot whales?  Excuse me...but fucking really?
How traditional. How coated with fresh life blood.  Fuck you, Denmark.
And fuck you, humans.

#animalrights #boycottdenmark #genocide #ashamedtobehuman 

And seriously....could humans be ANY more vile?? 

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