Thursday, August 27, 2015

Animal rights...

We don't have to be hypocrites anymore

Save a lion, but torture and kill a cow? Hypocrite.

If you are passionate about justice for Cecil, then find the capacity for justice for ALL animals.

Cows...they are not just a fast food.
Pigs.....they are not for breakfast.  They think and feel and create mischief.  Let them play.  Stop eating them
You don't have to eat them, despite what media tells you via commercials.

If you ever drank a sugar soda, and then discovered diet soda....the. You can make this connection.
Beef burger =. Factory cow. Steroids. Hormones. Suffering, torture, death.
Plant based 'meat' I.e. Diet meat.
No pain. No suffering.
Why...why would you willingly EAT a sentient being?  A conscious, autonomous, LIVING thing?
Fuck you, just eat your neighbor.

And, are we stupid? A resounding 'yes'.  Seaworld reports on captive/performing orcas'eye mucus' has NOTHING to do with the fact that they FORCE them to live in chlorine. Nah. Must be bullshit. #Blackfish
Wtf is wrong with everyone living on planet earth?!
Did rachel Ray desensitize us to bacon? With her triple bacon burger!?
Christ, you believe everything you hear? ...I have oceanfront property for sale in Montana,,,,,you fucking media baby,
Don't go all jason and the Argonauts on me here and claim 'lulled'. Cos, honestly, you have access. You fucking liar.
You can use. 'Google' on the Internet machine and Search "grass fed factory farm cow.

You must not have the " time" to know the you?

Getting a high score in candy crush? Fucking idiot human.

Or, let's talk orcas.  #Blackfish 

Have you ever spent any time viewing footage of killer whale behavior in captivity?  The repetition? The floating listlessly?  
How about #Hugo?  He was an orca imprisoned and forced to perform 6 times a day for giddy fucking morons to oh and ah whenever he leapt out of his tiny little 12 foot deep cement tank.  He committed suicide by repeatedly ramming his head into the cement.  They fucking threw his body into a dump.  Thanks, Hugo. For all the CASH!  
I hate the human race so fucking much that I can taste it.  It is shitty and acidic.  
Humans destroy everything.  That's our job on this planet.  It is to completely FUCK with everything...especially if there is money involved.  
God, I so hate myself, and you, and them. Fucking idiot humans exploit the piss out of anything they can, then they discard it.  
I am pouring my heart out here in regards to captivity.  I mean, animal rights in general; but currently #CaptivityKills is really tearing my heart out.
I am a crippled chick, I got a functioning brain but my legs are, I kinda sorta can empathize with captivity, as I am trapped inside myself.  I would never be a douche bag and say I know how an orca, manatee, dolphin or sea turtle feels as they swim around and live in chlorinated concrete pools.  No.  I am not that fucking douche bag.  But, and this is a hefty but, I do relate to captivity.  But I have my own canes and wheelchairs.  Captive whales have fucking NOTHING to aid them.  
Just take a moment and do a little research on captive orcas vs wild orcas.  And after you've researched for a minute or two, #BoycottSeaworld.  And tell #seaworld to go fuck themselves.  Never give them any more of your money and support there orca abuse program that has been going on for way too long.  #EmptyTheTanks #FreeLolita. 
Lolita has a rehab cove all set up and ready for her just as soon as her torturous 'owners' let her go to freedom.  Rehab and release awaits her.  Just use your voice.  Tweet and share the mother fucking shit out of #SeaworldOfHurt
It's been about time, for a long time.

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