Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An open letter to animal sadists

                    An open letter to animal sadists of the world.


     Today there are eyes and ears everywhere, in places you don't expect.  Empaths are watching you, sadists.  We are privy to your ways.  Technology allows your actions to NO longer go unseen or unheard.  Your vile treatment of animals is going viral.  No longer will your face only be known on your street, or town.  The state you reside in knows about you.  The country knows about you. The world knows about you.  Your sadistic face will be remembered for your violence toward animals.  You will be hunted by those that have compassion for the very living thing that you have tortured or killed. We know you now.  Picture, video, blog, tweet, post share, yahoo news....we fucking know you, and we know what you have done.  There is no escaping it, forever.

     Perhaps, someday, the cement #Seaworld tanks will be emptied, the factory farms will be emptied, the coves will be rid of bloodied nets, the puppy mills will be vacant, the circuses will be silent, the zoos will be a ghost town, the slaughterhouses will be barren, the dairy farms will be no more.

.....and we will fill them with you.  You will be held in captivity.  You will be abused.  You will be artificially inseminated. your babies will be kidnapped.  You will be forced to perform for an audience.  You will be hunted for you head.  You will be skinned alive.  You will be starved.  You will be kicked.  You will take the place of the innocent.
     Your trainers, handlers, owners, farmers, workers...they will disregard your cries.  They will ignore your pain.  They will cause your suffering.  They will perform tests on you.  They will enslave you.  They will chain you.  They will lock you behind bars.  They will imprison you on a cement floor for decades.  They will treat you as though you are not intelligent.  
     You will know deprivation.  You will know solitary confinement.  Your wounds will never heal fully.  You will be beaten.  They will malnourished you.  They will cruelly treat what is medically necessary without anesthesia.  They will slaughter your kind.  You will wait in line. You will smell the blood. You will hear their screams.  You will be mocked, laughed at.  You will sliced and hacked at with knives while you are alive. sick, repugnant fucking animal sadist.  One of these days, you will be viral.  Laws are changing.  We will hold you accountable.  Sadism will not go unpunished.

Until then.

#AnimalRights #EmptyTheTanks #BanTrophyHunting #BoycottSpain #BoycottSeaworld 
#Blackfish #AllLifeMatters #PETA #MercyForAnimals #EndSadism

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