Saturday, August 22, 2015


It would be inhumane, to humanize animals.  In fact, humanizing animals is one of the cruelest thing we could do.  Allow them to be pure. Unlike us.  We are demented, and horny,..we are Abhorrent and sick.
What the fuck kind of fate do we wish upon animals to declare them 'human'.

On that note, I have two cold hard human facts for ya.

First off, I kind of want to really shed light on something sort of personal.

Earlier today was a deadline of sorts for s performance act of a very aged and arthritic elephant named nosey...or, tiny. Google nosey the elephant. What not? Nothing else to do after you have jacked off to some amateur porn and beat your friends score in candy crush, right?

So...along with the movement for animal rights, I signed a petition for the elephant ride to be cancelled at the New Jersey show.  Many humanoids weighed in supporting the cancelled elephant rides.  Due, mainly, to the FACT that nosey is old...(she's been enslaved for over two decades), and because she is visibly arthritic (lame).  And I want to point out, I am also a crippled chick.  I don't want a shit load of idiot children on my back.  However, there are claims by humanoids that 'nosey loves this type of shit' so, whatever.

I posted on the canal festival site, pleading for the cancellation of elephant rides....well.  I got called a troll.  And, because my profile pic is of my dog, rommel....I got called a hypocrite.

I remain unsure what a dog companion/hairy soul mate/pet has got to do with an elephant from Africa performing acts of entertainment for humanoids has in common.
Am I dumb?  Do I fail to connect the correlated dots here?
They said I was a hypocrite because I enslaved my dog.

.? Fucking, really?

My dog makes his own schedule and I would like to point out that I do not have lines of humans paying cash to ride on his back for several hours on a sunny August afternoon.  But, all that failed to penetrate the thick veneer that is this humanoids brains.

I am a troll.  And, in fact, they advised me to go petitionto stop elephant poaching and leave poor nosey riders alone.


Wow. This is the mentality of the herd?  It can't be...but, quite possible it might encapsulate the herd brains.

I am related to idiots that think it's fine to 'own' exotic animals...and, coincidentally, they also think it's better to have organic, free range beef over factory.  Fucking morons.

They is so much better to trust the hand that will eventually you slit their throat.  Fitting.
The psychopath.  Today's humanoid.  Keeps you happy till he kills ya.  Gotta love humanoids.  I lie, I fucking hate them.  #feral, I got the elephant police calling me a troll for having an opinion on animals used for our entertainment....and LO and behold, I have a dog.  Not really just a dog.  Rommel.  My soul mate.  I have never exploited him.  I have never forced him to produce any revenue for my personal gain.  So, I asked, is that all you got?

They still called me a hypocrite.  Okey dokey.  

Par for the course.  I was a vegetarian/activist for almost two decades.  I am remembering the keen idiocy of the masses.  All cool and shiny.  All hot and fuckable.

Oh....speaking of fuckable.... Bring me to my second cold hard human fact.

Some Shetland pony not only got raped, it got stabbed.  Twice, in its had to be euthanized.

Only a human.  You don't see great white sharks raping manatees.  You don't see lions fucking zebras before they maul them.  You don't see bees ass fucking aphids. 

Nah. That's a humanoid kinda thing.

This world makes me sick.

Fuck you for your lack of humanity.   #ashamedtobehuman #animalrights #boycottcircuses #endanimalslavery

Oh, and grow the fuck up, world.  Can you not 'Google' elephant? In today's day and age, can you not watch an educational video of elephants? Must you really 'ride' one? Especially and aged, arthritic elephant?

If you must truly witness the majestic elephant then go to fucking Africa.  On safari.  Maybe you will see a beautiful specimen.  Untouched by humanoids...with nobody riding it's  

And maybe, just maybe...something bigger than you, stronger than you, will eat you.

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