Monday, February 11, 2013

It takes all kinds

To make the world go round.

Right?  Yeah..... I am really not much of a blogger (no shit), but I wanted to write about something that has been on my mind.  My wee little pea brain mind.  After many years of meeting people with MS online (and in today's words that translates to having NEVER have met them in real life....), I have noticed a common thread.  Not with all of them mind you. And some are like the squeaky wheel, or the rotten apple in a terms of what I am about to address.

I touched on it before, but I a different manner.  It was a different topic, but had a sliver of this piercing the heart of it.

Guess I will jump right in. ...oh, and this could be for any chronic illness, disease, what fucking could apply.  I am talking about the THEN and the NOW.  Some people, on blogs I have read that have MS, have brought me to tears. Like their words have given me that tight throat feeling. That rush of emotion. That empathy.  And a couple others, have left me feeling like 'you are a fuck face, and it wouldn't matter if you had MS or not, because you around still be a fuck face!"

Misery loves company...I suppose I have heard. And it rings true, man.  Some people are so pathetic. Just fucking pathetic. Miserable. No matter what happens, they are pathetic. Pious. You name it. And seriously....MS does not exclude you from fucking life. Life.  You are NOT exempt.  You don't get a get out of jail free card because you have an illness that millions of others suffer or deal with....tons of people get diagnosed every fucking day. A lot of those poor bastards have kids, families, people that they truly care about, and that care about them.....and you don't get to treat people like shit just because of you disease. You are not the only fucking one. And you have no right to paper your cesspool of a life and garner sympathy from strangers.

Regardless of this illness you still gotta put forth the effort. You still have to either forgive or forget or tell them to fuck off and be done with it.  No matter what, you are unhappy. You sorry ass motherfucker.  You poor thing.  Is that what does it for you?  You are equally culpable.  Big deal if you have MS....ot fucking lupus, or chroma.....big fucking deal.  Meds and doctors, and insurance, or no insurance, and rent or mortgage, or homeless....whatfucking's the way it is.  Shit or get off the pot.  Stop being such a fuck face.  It's either this or it's that.  That was then, man.....this is now.  It was never easy......walking or rolling.  Pain free or painful.

....and I don't proof read. So typos are a dime a dozen.....

But that's what I wanted to say.