Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cereal shitter

We have been lied to, for a very long while. Some of us, prefer the lies to the truth. How 'matrix' of you. You are forsaken. We have been lied to by Disney, which is full of sex scandal, monarching, and subliminal messages. We have been lied to by Seaworld, which is teeming with abused cetaceans, ties to Taiji drive hunts, and big money in the exploitation of apex predators that have been reduced to begging for food. We have been lied to by the USDA. AG-Gag. Factory farms are chock full of horrific abuse, torturous confinement, and the almighty whopper of a lie; that we need dairy, eggs, and meat to be healthy. We have been lied to by television and movies, bloated with opulence and decadent lifestyles while unattainable, force fed down your throat like a fucking fois gras goose! Consume. Consume. Consume. We needn't live a life of myopic narcissism while chowing down on animal flesh, maxing out our credit cards, and believing everything we were told growing up. My grandfather always told me, since I could remember, from a very young age to QUESTION EVERYTHING. As I keep referring to, peppering almost every entry with, is the fact that my fucking brains fell out for several years. No, I didn't live beyond my means, but I definitely swallowed the pill of societally acceptable socio sexual mores, and class. I took my doctors words as gospel in regards to my nutrition. I bought designer bags. I launched a brick and mortar store for high end clothing, shoes and accessories. It was a high end 'used' clothing store. What a hoot. God, I hated myself the entire time that I was mindless. I didn't realize it at the time. I was in the thick of it. I lost a lot of my soul. But enough about me and whatever catharsis I had...I don't matter. I live in a state where bestiality is legal. I live within 11 miles of a dog raper. I live in a country that keeps cetaceans in captivity. My grandmother brought me to Seaworld when I was a child. I live in a world that has websites that are for zoophilia...bestiality pics and video that is like youporn for dog fuckers. #OpBEAST I live in a world that baby chicks beaks are seared off so that they won't peck one another to death while they live a short, horrific life in over crowded cages. And, I share this planet with fucking morons that are ok with all that. They are ok with it because they believe everything they are told, that they read, and that they see. These people whose minds are saturated with fictitious representatives of 'life'. Utter shit. I am unsure what is worse; an active sadist, or an inactive moron. Inaction is acceptance. I am not ok with television. I am not ok with bestiality. I am far from fucking ok with Seaworld and their cash cow captive cetacean clown show pool circus. I am not fine with elephants chained and beaten. I am not ok with bears living for 30 years at a fucking bile farm. I am not ok that animal protection laws are a fucking joke. I am not ok with Kim kardashians fucking hobbit body dictating what women should wear. I am not ok with advertisements that are soft porn. I am not ok that people are so self indulgent, so easily impressed by themselves, so mastuabatory. It doesn't take much for today's media baby to dilute themselves into thinking they are a snowflake. No. None of it is ok with me. Seaworld.....the people are gunning for you. Release the orcas. #OpSeaworld Vermont....get your shit together and make bestiality a fucking felony. Agriculture....you nasty, greedy, soulless fucks. Just go the fuck away. Planet destroyers. Rain forest ruiners. Animal genocide. Humans are damned.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I hate Seaworld #OpSeaworld lies

Jesus h. People are so fucking idiotic. Such drones. I don't even know where to begin. I suppose I will start with how deeply saddened I am with the detachment. That said, I become so fucking angry I could throttle a human. Captivity. Yeah, captivity. We hold animals...in chains, behind bars, in tanks. Where do we get off? @Seaworld I just want you to know that you raped my childhood memories. My snuggle shamu plush doll. Wasn't a smiling, happy fucking orca! No. It was a money making slave! A cash cow! #OPSeaworld. #anonymous We're gunning for you, marine parks. You orca and dolphin abusing assholes!!! πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’² It's all about the money. The cash. Unfuckingreal. Not really. Fuck you, seaworld. Fuck you, Miamiseaquarium. Fuck you for what you have done, and are doing. You have done NOTHING for conservation. Just captive cash. You and your propaganda. Lies. Such utter bullshit. The masses, while asses, are gaining wisdom. The proverbial curtain has been pulled. #Blackfish #Lolita #Pungent #sound #SeaShepherds are truth tellers...and you continue with your big wallet attorney. You are going down with your ship.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sun and moon bears

Read a lot about the #ForgetMeNot bears today. Jesus h christ. Ya know...I got this thing about hating people? Well, multiply the fuck out of it. You see...in order to combat the total fucking H-BOMB of animal cruelty/factory farm undercover/ dog meat trade/ Taiji killing bay pictures and video; I watch sanctuary videos. Rescue video. Read stories with happy-ish endings. Well, the bile bears....in Asia. Wow. They are still tearing me apart. I cannot fathom for a millisecond what their life was/is. Even after rescue, and transition to sanctuary.... See....people got this thing that they do. It's typically self congratulatory...all mastuabatory. Fucking human.,. They rescue a bear, that has been locked in a 5X5 steel cage for 30 years...the entirety spent in pain, immobile, whilst some fucking tool "harvested bile" for some asshat 'medicinal property'....then, suddenly, the bear is rescued. Never having felt the sun, the moon, the wind, the rain, the fucking anything... Then it's rescue.....30 years later. The life span of a moon bear (bile bear) is actually 30 fucking years. So, this rescued bear is given the opportunity to feel grass, to actually play... Yeah, I know. To a fuckface like you, you think that's amazing. No. That's sad. I mean, video of the bile bear sanctuary...with whomever filmed it giggling at the moon bear playing with a twig. I mean. Imagine anyone confined to a steel cage for 30 fucking years, yeah, a twig will be mighty amusing. And the human giggle is the very human quality that they did this...their action allowed this. Whatever the fucking humanoid did, let this bear finally, after 30 years, play with a twig. And guess what. He fucking died. He had, of course, lived his lifespan in a steel cage. Suffering decades of abuse, torture, torment...HELL. But, some nice person decided to give him a voice, to advocate for his liberty. I dunno. Am I suddenly anti- advocacy? Hell no. Just don't go patting yourself on the back too quick, kids. Humans got a lot of ground to cover, to make up for. A tiny glimmer of life playing with a twig after 3 decades of torment ain't enough. Fuck sakes, humanity better get their shit together.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Scattered tonight...

Greed. Pure, undiluted greed. That is: @Seaworld, @MiamiSeaquarium Horse drawn carriage rides (cha-Ching), elephant rides (even an aged, arthritic elephant like #Nosey), swimming with the #dolphins. And don't think they shed their blood for you in #Taiji #Japan. Zoos, circuses, roadside zoos, any fucking aquarium that hold its prisoners captive...forced to perform for its next meal FOR YOU. Bacon? Spam? Pork? Tenderloin? Chops? .....PIG flesh Hamburger? Top sirloin? Beef? .....COW flesh I dunno. I am at a loss for words right now. Some cocksucker did the whole fireworks in a dogs mouth thing...and honestly, the aftermath photo on the petition site is fucking staying with me. And why wouldn't it? I am no sadist. And how about the nasty fucker that has been hitting dogs randomly with acid?? Oh, and let's not forget the humanoid that shot his kitten up with heroin. Jesus fucking christ. Cetacians held prisoner in cement. Always drugged, always hungry...just so they will jump and splash on command. It's a sad fucking state of the society when so many fucking morons believe @Seaworlds bullshit lies and think these orcas and Dolphins LOVE this shit. Yeah, nothing beats a chlorinated pool. Definitely not the entire fucking ocean. They adore dead frozen fish treats. Fucking drone. If you believe that, then...you have been forsaken. You no longer matter. So, go fuck yourself. I have an idea. You and your entourage of idiots can circle jerk each other on fuckfacebook, or instafuckfacegram...or whatever 'social media' you abuse. Post your selfies, your sandwich, your fucking toenails. Enjoy your piece of shit, superficial life. Full of 'likes' and moronic mastuabatory comments. "Aw, yer soooooo pretty" like, totally. This is your ONE life. And you do not 'only live once', you live EVERY fucking day...until you die. ....I wonder how many 'likes' you will get then. Hardy har

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The affliction of being human

It does get overwhelming.  Due to humans, and their sadistic ways, there is a never ending onslaught of petitions and campaigns to sign and share.  There is an absolute mudslide of surreptitious video footage of some cocksucker heartlessly torturing a factory animal.  A constant supply of animal abuse stories accompanied with the images of the aftermath of cruel acts towards animals.

But...I will never cease.  I will never stop.  One day, death will come, and I will rest my heavy soul.  Until that day, I have a lot of ground to cover.

#Spain for example.  Their claims of 'tradition' to justify their blood sport of torture and murder of bulls.  

Funny...I remember when it was 'tradition' for Americans to kill spaniards in the Spanish american war.  

Can we go back to that? Can we hit reverse? No? Why? Ah, we have progressed, have we?  Spain doesn't seem to think so.

If we want to #EndSadism we need to end sadists.  The root of the problem.

But we don't want to #EndSadism...do we? Nah, cos then we could have our chicken salad.   Think about that. Chicken salad.  Now, think about it again.

And guess what?  Even if you love animals, are against cruelty...you are 100% culpable in the support of sadistic acts toward animals.  Yep. You are.

How? Demand.  It is the demand.  

Does fois gras gross you out? Enrage you?  Stir a deep well of emotion within you? Are you ambivalent?   Any product you use/eat/wear that is of goose origin, YOU support the force fed fois gras factory farm geese.  #Truth

Wake up, zombie.  If you buy a down jacket...goose pate...down comforter...down pillow...YOU are held accountable for the suffering of the force fed factory farmed geese.  

Admittedly, I wrote all this last night.  Tonight, I am feeling a bit more somber.  Just a tad.  Hit the bottle, hit the blog.  Tonight...I mourn.  I am no longer angry.  

This world I live in is so completely detached.  If you take your family Apple picking, then why not swing over to the slaughter house.  Maybe you can pick the ripest hairy fruit...and then cut its fucking throat.

I am so at a loss for words right now.  All I have in me at this moment is shame.  I am ashamed to be human.

Do you know what's going on in Taiji Japan right now?  Do you know who funds it? We do.  Seaworld.  Miami seaquarium. Vancouver aquarium.   Swim with dolphins?  Tourist bullshit.

Sleep peacefully, fuckface.  EVERY species is fighting for its life RIGHT NOW, at this moment, because of humans. Me.  You.

Sleep well.   

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Insert title here...

I don't hate humanity.  Humanity is benevolence.  Only an utterly insipid humanoid cannot distinguish that hating humans isn't hating humanity.

Why would an animal activist hate compassion? Benevolence? Mercy?


Might be a bit of subtext thrown in for good measure.  The kind of person that can't say what they really wanna say.  Cos they are spineless.  And weak.  They are an utter sanctimonious hypocrite, through and through.  And, they know it.

That is why they utilize subtext.  Their statements are chock full of hidden agendas.  Whatfucking ever.

Establish your cause,  now, look for the root of it.  The point of origination.  

It ain't me.  It's fucking you.

Pigs in factory farm cages.  Mothers separated from their babies by steel.  That's a truth you could give two shits about.  You could give a flying fuck what some anonymous pig suffers just so you can slap some more bacon onto your already abundant ass.  Yeah, that's a truth.  

I admit, I am a bit militant. I am making up for lost time...? I was for almost two decades a non flesh eater.  Admittedly, multiple sclerosis scared me.  I needed certain vitamins that only animals could provide.....

Fucking please. The animals ate the nutrients, then I ate them.  That's all that fucking happened. 


There is no sanctimony in my posts, my shares, my tweets.  No. They are fueled by something much more powerful than boastful self.  They are governed by guilt.  Guilt and regret.

The mere fact that I succumbed to the norm.  What the fuck was my problem?  I happily joined the whacked out majority of morons that subscribe to familial bonds no matter the cost.  That people are more important than anything.  

You general demographic...you are all fucking idiots.  You all make up the group of mindless Fuckheads.  You believe everything you read, everything you hear.  You are so easily distracted.  It doesn't take much for you.  Television is like tinsel on a Xmas tree to you.  You are a fucking sad lot,  that's what you are.

So fixated on your self.  So obsessed with your own tiny existence.  

But, at least you get to call outliers like me 'kooky', or, even better; conspiracy theorists.  Yeah.  Way down the rabbit hole.  Or, why not, liberal? Funny. Almost.

Nah. Call me what you want.  I don't give a fuck.

Accuse me of whatever you want. I still won't give a fuck.

Eating animals is the worst thing you could do.  And you already got that covered.

....in puss filled milk and cheese.  In veins and blood.  In assholes and innards.

Good for you, caveman moron.  Good for you.


Yeah, so...

And I really want to give a shout out to the absolute fucking idiots.  

You know who you are.  The dogmatic about recycling straws and plastic, while you chow down on a cheese burger.

Do these mindless fucking drones NOT comprehend that it is the actual fucking ocean that rules their flesh eating addiction?


Fucking duh.

Yeah, douch bag.  Recycle your fucking plastic.  Save a sea turtle from getting a drinking straw lodged in its nostril.  Then go choke down some ground up cow flesh/sinew/tendons/veins... It only took 600 gallons of water to make that burger for you to suck down.  

You're such a little sanctimonious environmental activist.  Chocked full of hypocrisy.  As per usual.

Factory farming...Animals.... Genetically modified for your eating pleasure. 

We feed more plants to animals.  Meat eating is destroying the ocean.  The rivers.  The lakes.  

But, yeah.  I am all for recycling with compassion.  So, carry on, humanoid. 

What a fuck face.  You couldn't even buy a clue.  

Someday, humanity will get it.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Yeah, you.

Have you ever actually spent any time using your fucking brains?

Have you ever actually thought about 'why' you love an animal?

Whether it be your cat, your dog, your hamster, your horse, your whatever....

Have you ever thought about what it is that separates that animal from the anonymity and the generalized ideation of that species?

Maybe you would come to the realization that it is an INDIVIDUAL.  

Guess what?

All species is chock full of individuals.  You just never see them because you are too busy looking at your own less attractive than you think face.

Pigs. Cows. Chickens. Turkeys. Goats. Sheep.

They all are individuals.  


Evolve, moron.  Stop eating the flesh, assholes, cheeks, eyes, skin, and intestines of individuals.

It isn't compulsory.  Grow the fuck up.  Read.  Learn.  Stop being so myopic about life. You ain't the only one involved in your more mundane that you want to believe life.  God, you are a fuck face.


Were you aware, at all, that 100% of herbivores sweat from their pores? Were you aware that 100% of carnivores sweat from their mouths (panting) and from the pads of their feet? 75% of the earths makeup are herbivore. Were you aware that 100% of herbivores chew with a grinding, rotating mouth? Were you aware that 100% of carnivores do not chew? They only bite and swallow? And humans, are completely herbivore. I learned that. Even after 'going vegan '. I learned that I already was vegan...I had merely lost my fucking brains and adopted a rather ridiculous animal eating tradition. Yeah. Didn't last. Fuck every idiot out there, fuck any heartless fucking animal abuser. Fuck you callous, self absorbed morons. And fuck the little idiots you spawned to replace yourself. Fuck the butchers. Fuck the consumers. Fuck the media drones. Fuck the humans that lack humanity. Fuck you.

It ain't just horses, asshead

Interesting blah twitter day.

Signed an e petition to ban horse carriages.  

Why?  I don't go for humans profiting from animals.  I don't go for enslavement.  I don't go for horses hauling a bunch of fucking fat ass idiots around city streets on Labor Day.

Carriage horses, like all other animals exploited for our idiotic entertainment, don't have a choice.

And I really gotta hand it to the fucking mindless morons that claim they are for animal welfare, not animal rights.

No, they aren't for animal rights because they would lose their fucking income.

The cash, the moolah, the income...all at the expense of some animal that somebody strapped or bound something to.  In this case, carriages.

Now, a delightful fuckwit tweeted me that my petitioning against horse carriages was advocacy for starving horses.  They actually asked me if I only wanted horses to be extinct, or if I wanted all animals extinct.

Then, because I have a picture of my hairy soulmate...who happens to be a dog, they asked "does he not entertain you?"

Well, as much as I entertain him.  I don't charge him anything when I kiss or let him.  What I also don't do, is earn a living from him.  I don't make turn a profit by ensuring he is safe, warm, has a full belly.  I do not exploit him for anything, not in any way.

I don't really think I grasp their ideal point, because I don't think like them.

Naturally, a horse, or any animal, that cannot successfully mate, just doesn't get pregnant.  End of story.  Humans devised artificial insemination.  It is hardly an animal advocate fault that there are so many animals.  We are the fucking douchebags that force animal populations to be what they are.

It's absolutely insipid if you ascribe to a belief that millions of cows, pigs, horses, sheep, chickens, sheep and goats would roam the earth without humans.  No.  It is because we ip artificially inseminate.  We force breeding.  We gotta have more.  To fucking eat, to exploit, to race, to use.  

Humans are the fucking plague of the earth.

Actually, horse carriages in NYC Central Park is the least of my concern.  Plagued with a brain full of kitten crush videos and some heartless black souled CUNT dismembering her own dog.  Actually, it might not have been hers.  Still, she muzzled it, then began cutting his fucking legs off.  

I just don't know what kind of fucking world I am living in.  It isn't my fault that I am here.  I just am sort of existing in this wretched, dark world.  

God.  I am beyond a misanthrope.  Is there even a word for 'me'?  My hatred for humanity grows, increasing every day.  Ain't no brake on that mother fucker.

All of you self obsessed idiots of the instafuckfacegram fuckfacebook world:  open your fucking eyes.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Human beings are disgusting.  They aren't worth the shallow life that they are allowed to live.  Selfie taking in the bathroom, while thousands of gallons of terrified blood is pouring out of thousands of innocent lives.


It is a fucking farm animal genocide....and if you ain't vegan, that you bought a ticket for the blood show.  Don't worry, you won't have to get dirty.  You won't see the performance....just the final act.
The cellophane....glossy and clear, showcasing the blood red hunk of flesh that is making your simple mouth water.

Fucking sickening.  It really is.  The fact that you would rather live in some fucked up fantastical world where animals are dying to be on your plate.  

5,000 farm animals are slaughtered....EVERY fucking second.

Sometimes, I have to step back and watch rescue footage.  Like Lincoln.  He was a cow, sold by the fucking pound, for slaughter.  Well, he didn't really feel like dying and he escaped.  His escape was televised.  It made the news.  A cow, running crazy, down Lincoln street.  The refugee was captured, and after many petitions and public outcry, he was given to an animal sanctuary.   He was supposed to, by farm laws, die at 4 years old.  But Lincoln, had a lust for life.  He had a will to live.  And he did.  Now, at the sanctuary, he will live out his days for the next 30 years. A survivor.  A refugee.  He escaped the fate of your fucked up tastebuds.

Human beings are disgusting.  Shallow.  

When I think of people, today, I always think of Jules. Ya know, the character Demi Moore played in st Elmo's fire.  
She was so desperate to be fabulous.  So in dire need of validation by other people.  Such a thick and heavy need for affiliation.  Meanwhile, she was penniless and in debt, most likely had a bankruptcy under her belt, lived far beyond her means, was hugely insecure, all while maneuvering around with an insatiable ego she constantly had to feed.  Like she had time to consider anything other than her own lame bullshit life.

Today's media baby.  Little sniveling shits.  They talk big, but they ain't shit.

I actually think today's humans are similar to factory animals.  They are manufactured.  Man made via media.  Television, movies, magazines....yeah, it is rare today to find an outlier.  These people are fucking mindless drones.  

The moment I reconnected with myself, the non flesh eating activist self, I reopened myself to the true horror of being human.  And honestly, you can watch as much investigation discovery that you want..,you ain't ever gonna reach the depravity of humanness until you expose yourself to factory farming.  Any career that involves humans working with animals utilized as a product, you are gonna find the sickness.  The blackness.  The darkest, most debased.  

Holy fucking hell...and these are the people mutilating lambs.  These are the people dousing calfs in lighter fluid and setting them afire.  These are the people that bulldoze downed cows that have crippled with pain, unable to stand any longer. 

These are the people.  They share the earth with you.  But, hey, they slap barcode stickers to newborn male calfs in the dairy industry.  They're worthless cos they aren't milk producers...send that fucking baby down the line. Babies.  They're babies.

And people make me fucking sick.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Life is real.

It isn't an app with CG blood.  It isn't a magical meal that spontaneously produces itself and manifests as a fast food burger.  It isn't perfectly harmonizing bees, singing happily while contained.  

Life is real.  

It isn't for your entertainment.  It isn't for your clothing or shoes or jewelry.  It isn't for your Art Deco.  It isn't for your meal.  

Their life isn't yours.

Their blood is lining the walls and the floors of slaughter houses across the country.  Their bones are broken by rough handling transporters.  Their screams are muffled by the walls of barns.  Their eyes never see sunlight. Their factory feet never feel grass.

Cold, hard, filthy concrete.  HELL.
Factory HELL.

What the fuck is wrong with you that you haven't forsaken the caveman tradition of dining on flesh?  Penchant for a graveyard in your stomach?  Are you a troglodyte? 
Gross.  Lame.  Typical.  Normal.  Traditional.

Separate yourself from the herd of humans that gorge on flesh.  Seriously.  You will be amazed how good compassion tastes.  A cruelty free plate of food.  A sustainable diet.  Your mind will clear.  You will be flooded with energy.  You will feel clean.  

Don't be like everybody.  Recoil at boiled lobster....who wouldn't?  They boil them alive.  

Don't be fooled by media...monogamy isn't tradition.  Marriage is, probably why I have forsaken it.  But monogamy.....that is a beautiful coupling of soul.  One finding the other. A complete set.  

Nah, you probably watch lame shows and thing monogamy is for lame asses.  You are such a media baby.  You are just oh so willing to dilute yourself, aren't you? Run with the masses.  Well, the masses are asses, and I got no pity for the majority.
Fuck you boring, common human machine.  You don't even inspire a yawn.  Dime a dozen dipshits.  You are so empty that television FILLS you.  You redefine yourself by fads and trends and allow rock stars to dictate what music you will boycott.  You are a really lame joke.

You could never, ever, find compassion for animals.  Mercy, for animals.  You are so fucking full of your own bullshit.  I've got no time for you.  You aren't worth it anyway.

Slaughter means nothing to you.  A dairy cow is just cream cheese in your douche bag bagel.  Well, eat up, fuck face.  You are a part of the the herd anyway.  You could never break free.  It defines you, you little piece of shit.  You spineless nothing.  Keep going to store sales, and gorging on suffered dead flesh.  

You are all the same.  I separated from you long ago.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Don't be that person

Anti Dog meat trade....Boycott Spain until they ban bullfighting....boycott Japan until the cove is no longer red with the blood of 10's of thousands of Dolphins.....ban Danish product until they abolish their pilot whale slaughter tradition....boycott Argentina for skinning lambs alive....

Who is gonna boycott America for factory farming? 
Who is gonna start a petition to make change happen in America where millions of factory 'farm' animals are mutilated, tortured, abused, and are killed daily?

We are, as a nation, outraged at South Korea marketing dog meat.
Is that because we have a golden retriever? 
We don't have a pig, so let's buy some Mckenzie bacon.

We are against the Spanish 'tradition' of bullfighting because of the cruelty involved.  Unnecessarily so.
But, we are traditional with meat.  Thanksgiving turkey, Easter ham, Christmas roast.
I am sure jesus would be happy.

We want to boycott Japan because of the merciless slaughter and drowning of 10+ thousand Dolphins.
Yet we buy tickets to @Seaworld or we 'swim with dolphins.

Are we seriously fucking retarded?  And I mean that in the most unprovocative way.
To have your mental capacity for understanding be retarded.  I am not speaking about developmentally disabled....or, actually...am I?

We are definitely stupid.  Definitely demented.  Definitely deranged.

We are such utter and complete hypocrites.

But, like everything, it's typical.  Nothing novel there.

'Work with what ya got'.  Yeah.

So, eat your cheese burger and then tweet about the cruelty of bullfighting.

Maybe, with enough signatures we will force Spain to change their fucking idiotic time honored tradition.
Then, you can eat your ground up cow with a sense of peace...knowing that in fucking Spain, there is one less bovine in pain or bleeding.

Kids eating kids.....nummy

Live and let die?

Did you know that in one burger there is probably flesh from at least a hundred cows?

Did you know that it takes around 600 gallons of water to produce one burger?

Gross...and, how completely irresponsible is that?  

The life of misery and suffering pain that one cow endures throughout its short life of approximately 4 years before slaughter/murder is incomprehensible.  No amount of empathy can reach....

Cows live naturally with a lifespan of 25-30 years.

If you drink milk (barf), or eat cheese it's 4 years. And they suffer and are abused for the entirety of their 4 years.  That's a dairy cow for ya! Then when they get "cold", they don't produce enough milk.  Cold cows are sent to terminal auction.  Fucking terminal. SLAUGHTER.  Don't forget that her last calf, and all of her babies before that, were stolen.  Veal.  Days old.  Humans are fucking detestable.  Repugnant.  Eaters of carrion.

Imagine.  You can't.  I can't.  We are horrible.  We are the detestable fucking scum of the earth.  We are a virus.

I can't imagine the life of a factory animal.  They are treated worse than a product.  I dare you to watch ONE factory farm cruelty video.  There's your challenge.  Just watch one.

How about the video of baby chicks, males, that are on a conveyer belt...then they fall into a grinder and are minced alive.  Wanna bribe your kid with chicken mcnuggets at #McDonalds? Let you kid watch the video and decide for their self if they want some chicken fucking nuggets.

If you can still justify your eating animals, then have fun living without a fucking soul. 


I cannot believe that I was, for many years, swayed,  after almost two decades of cruelty free living...I fell prey to societal standard.  Fuck that.  And this isn't some admission of victimization. No, not at all.

I was just not using the brains that I had.  Cave man.  Dumb and happy.

I'm back.  #Feral

I got no fucking use for people.  

And always remember to never forget; inaction is acceptance.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jericho Vermont dogs protect property...again

Jericho Vermont dogs defend property...news footage reel (real)

I gotta say, the mindset of some people sharing the planet deeply sadden me.  
The spokesperson featured on behalf of the berry coveting trespasser was, I believe, her daughter. A family member at least.
Her cold and detached manner, all delivered with a sadistic smile, was unnerving to say the least.  I already have a really hard time with the callousness that humans are marinating in presently.  

The journalist inquired a scenario swap of circumstance, asking it were her dog, would she put it down.
Still smiling, oh yes she would, in a second. No questions asked. They would be fucking goners. All served up with a smile...perhaps it was a nervous smile because she was appearing on the epic channel 3 local news program? Dunno.  Regardless, she smile throughout the entirety.  That 30 seconds?  Spoke volumes. 

All I know is I just want to send out there into this fucked up universe:
The rampant lust for blood is beyond depraved.  This detached human machine with a penchant for sadism served up Roman Empire rule Γ la mode style is soulless. Fucking soulless.

And specifically to the chick on the news: I hope you never, after that vicious and sadistic statement, own a dog.  You have no right, because you lack both insight and empathy.

Imagine, for a moment, sharing your life with a loving, loyal dog. For many years.  Always there for you, never showed signs of any aggression...until one day, some asshole decided, on a whim, that they wanted to pick your fruit.  And they meander up your driveway, and your dog tries to protect you in the only way that nature has provided it. With its mouth.  The same mouth, that, for years, has lavished your face with kisses.

You would hand it an immediate death  sentence.  What a fucking heartless and senseless thing to do.  Not for once having the capacity to step back and analyze the exact moment. The possibility of the crux of the 'why' or the 'how'.

Nah, not you. Fucking kill it. With a smile. The horror.  Have we, as a society entered into such a state of decay that this is acceptable?  Those conjectures are sitting well inside of us?  Not at any time do we question our own moral fiber?  Sick and debased, that is the voice of the people.  

If you follow, and enjoy the comment section, you will see in my last post comments regarding a snapshot of my text.  While myopic, I still feel it weighs and resonates within the realm of today's herd mentality.  It speaks volumes of the lack of an individual's ability to engage in judgement and compassion.

While my bottom line is stay off people's  property/don't fuck with other people; especially in their home.  It is their safe place.  That is their utopia.  Don't come wandering in and cause dystopia just because you felt like it.  It's wrong.

But, I am going off topic.  My last blog entry was about empathy, and compassion. For not only the dogs, but for the property owners. 

The comments have been a discourse of arguing that the berry coveting trespasser was within her rights.  And, that if a dog were to go on their property they would have the right to 'kick it until it needed stitches'.  (Vile, absolutely repugnant the state of today's sadistic mind).  *THIS is exactly why we need stronger right is favor of animals, especially dogs that are on their own property!*

Well, like I had replied: humans and dogs have disparate laws.  
1. Dogs cannot read, and cannot note if there is nothing to be read. (Sign vs no sign debate)
      A. Humans may or may not look for a sign and just hobble right down your driveway if they decide to.
2. Dogs operate on instinct.
     A. Humans act out of entitlement.
3. Dogs are not governed by a societally assumed 'common sense' rubric.
     A. Humans are assumed to, by society, have a common sense.  Obviously, this is not the case here. A resounding duh.
4. Dog laws are to be adhered to by dog owners, not dogs. (These dogs were on their property, protecting their home and their owners from a trespasser).
     A. Human laws are both malleable and integrated by perception. I.e. It is dependent upon an individual's grasp of the written word.

Lovely. Here's a fucking hypothetical argument:
I see some mouth watering berries on my neighbors property.  I also see a fence surrounding their property.  A fence? What does that 'mean'? In the abstract? Or, literally? Figuratively? Their house is there.  I don't see a do not enter sign.... their driveway, I do not see a do not walk on my driveway sign,... their parked car, I do not see a do not drive my car sign...
Should I 'just assume' this is a private dwelling? They didn't state it in writing! Who the fuck are THEY to own property and not post it!?! 
Perhaps it is their safe haven away from the masses?  Perhaps it is theirs? Theirs alone?  Not mine to tread upon as I wish???
 Nah, fuck it. I am heading over there. The berries act like sirens and I am an argonaut lost at sea.  Their juicy song is trumping my mental capacity to reason....

See where I am going with this?

Even if my neighbor had a private sign....they DO NOT have a no berry picking sign.  It may be private, but it certainly doesn't have any fine print stating I cannot enter at will.

Fucking please.

Humans govern language. Don't force that upon dogs.  And certainly don't sentence dogs to death for loving their owners and protecting their property from berry coveting trespassers.

And, I suppose I have to learn something from this myself.  Indeed, if anything, every story has its moral....  I addition to the roughly 30+ posted signs I already have lining the perimeter of my property, it is my duty to purchase even more.  It would seem that my open garage door is a welcoming beacon.  My car doors AND windows must state do not enter.  The doors and windows on my shed must be emblazoned with signs of no trespass.  It would be reckless of me to assume that a stranger would just kinda know that my car and shed were not publically accessible.  Who am I to prey on the innocent nomads and berry pickers to invite them onto my private land that I pay for by not stapling a sign to a bit of wood and ensuring it is able to be seen f rom a 360 degree angle.  
If I do not conform to these laws, my car and shed may be entered at any time by some fucking tool that might covet something that they contain.

Really, Vermont? Fucking really?

From the beginning, and till the end....this is human, not animal.  And it is more about property ownership rights in Vermont.  As a property owner I do not want to have to put up even MORE signs.   

Keep your fucking fingers and noses out of other people's shit!  If that were my daughter, or mother, or sister, or friend...I would beseech them....what the fuck were you thinking????

Imagine if I had a molten lava pit unposted? God forbid.  Imagine if I owned a fire breathing dragon that lived in the center of a luscious pear tree bed? Imagine if I shared my property with a human hating unicorn with a lust for blood on its horn?

...but the only way any of those ridiculous things would ever come to fruition is if some asshat invited themselves into my own personal space. (And yeah, admittedly I am getting silly.  But, silly begets silly.)

This ain't nectars, man.  This is a house, on a parcel of land, with a fucking driveway.

How much more private do you have to get?