Friday, September 4, 2015

Don't be that person

Anti Dog meat trade....Boycott Spain until they ban bullfighting....boycott Japan until the cove is no longer red with the blood of 10's of thousands of Dolphins.....ban Danish product until they abolish their pilot whale slaughter tradition....boycott Argentina for skinning lambs alive....

Who is gonna boycott America for factory farming? 
Who is gonna start a petition to make change happen in America where millions of factory 'farm' animals are mutilated, tortured, abused, and are killed daily?

We are, as a nation, outraged at South Korea marketing dog meat.
Is that because we have a golden retriever? 
We don't have a pig, so let's buy some Mckenzie bacon.

We are against the Spanish 'tradition' of bullfighting because of the cruelty involved.  Unnecessarily so.
But, we are traditional with meat.  Thanksgiving turkey, Easter ham, Christmas roast.
I am sure jesus would be happy.

We want to boycott Japan because of the merciless slaughter and drowning of 10+ thousand Dolphins.
Yet we buy tickets to @Seaworld or we 'swim with dolphins.

Are we seriously fucking retarded?  And I mean that in the most unprovocative way.
To have your mental capacity for understanding be retarded.  I am not speaking about developmentally disabled....or, I?

We are definitely stupid.  Definitely demented.  Definitely deranged.

We are such utter and complete hypocrites.

But, like everything, it's typical.  Nothing novel there.

'Work with what ya got'.  Yeah.

So, eat your cheese burger and then tweet about the cruelty of bullfighting.

Maybe, with enough signatures we will force Spain to change their fucking idiotic time honored tradition.
Then, you can eat your ground up cow with a sense of peace...knowing that in fucking Spain, there is one less bovine in pain or bleeding.

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