Saturday, September 5, 2015


Life is real.

It isn't an app with CG blood.  It isn't a magical meal that spontaneously produces itself and manifests as a fast food burger.  It isn't perfectly harmonizing bees, singing happily while contained.  

Life is real.  

It isn't for your entertainment.  It isn't for your clothing or shoes or jewelry.  It isn't for your Art Deco.  It isn't for your meal.  

Their life isn't yours.

Their blood is lining the walls and the floors of slaughter houses across the country.  Their bones are broken by rough handling transporters.  Their screams are muffled by the walls of barns.  Their eyes never see sunlight. Their factory feet never feel grass.

Cold, hard, filthy concrete.  HELL.
Factory HELL.

What the fuck is wrong with you that you haven't forsaken the caveman tradition of dining on flesh?  Penchant for a graveyard in your stomach?  Are you a troglodyte? 
Gross.  Lame.  Typical.  Normal.  Traditional.

Separate yourself from the herd of humans that gorge on flesh.  Seriously.  You will be amazed how good compassion tastes.  A cruelty free plate of food.  A sustainable diet.  Your mind will clear.  You will be flooded with energy.  You will feel clean.  

Don't be like everybody.  Recoil at boiled lobster....who wouldn't?  They boil them alive.  

Don't be fooled by media...monogamy isn't tradition.  Marriage is, probably why I have forsaken it.  But monogamy.....that is a beautiful coupling of soul.  One finding the other. A complete set.  

Nah, you probably watch lame shows and thing monogamy is for lame asses.  You are such a media baby.  You are just oh so willing to dilute yourself, aren't you? Run with the masses.  Well, the masses are asses, and I got no pity for the majority.
Fuck you boring, common human machine.  You don't even inspire a yawn.  Dime a dozen dipshits.  You are so empty that television FILLS you.  You redefine yourself by fads and trends and allow rock stars to dictate what music you will boycott.  You are a really lame joke.

You could never, ever, find compassion for animals.  Mercy, for animals.  You are so fucking full of your own bullshit.  I've got no time for you.  You aren't worth it anyway.

Slaughter means nothing to you.  A dairy cow is just cream cheese in your douche bag bagel.  Well, eat up, fuck face.  You are a part of the the herd anyway.  You could never break free.  It defines you, you little piece of shit.  You spineless nothing.  Keep going to store sales, and gorging on suffered dead flesh.  

You are all the same.  I separated from you long ago.

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