Sunday, September 13, 2015

Yeah, you.

Have you ever actually spent any time using your fucking brains?

Have you ever actually thought about 'why' you love an animal?

Whether it be your cat, your dog, your hamster, your horse, your whatever....

Have you ever thought about what it is that separates that animal from the anonymity and the generalized ideation of that species?

Maybe you would come to the realization that it is an INDIVIDUAL.  

Guess what?

All species is chock full of individuals.  You just never see them because you are too busy looking at your own less attractive than you think face.

Pigs. Cows. Chickens. Turkeys. Goats. Sheep.

They all are individuals.  


Evolve, moron.  Stop eating the flesh, assholes, cheeks, eyes, skin, and intestines of individuals.

It isn't compulsory.  Grow the fuck up.  Read.  Learn.  Stop being so myopic about life. You ain't the only one involved in your more mundane that you want to believe life.  God, you are a fuck face.

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