Monday, September 7, 2015


Human beings are disgusting.  They aren't worth the shallow life that they are allowed to live.  Selfie taking in the bathroom, while thousands of gallons of terrified blood is pouring out of thousands of innocent lives.


It is a fucking farm animal genocide....and if you ain't vegan, that you bought a ticket for the blood show.  Don't worry, you won't have to get dirty.  You won't see the performance....just the final act.
The cellophane....glossy and clear, showcasing the blood red hunk of flesh that is making your simple mouth water.

Fucking sickening.  It really is.  The fact that you would rather live in some fucked up fantastical world where animals are dying to be on your plate.  

5,000 farm animals are slaughtered....EVERY fucking second.

Sometimes, I have to step back and watch rescue footage.  Like Lincoln.  He was a cow, sold by the fucking pound, for slaughter.  Well, he didn't really feel like dying and he escaped.  His escape was televised.  It made the news.  A cow, running crazy, down Lincoln street.  The refugee was captured, and after many petitions and public outcry, he was given to an animal sanctuary.   He was supposed to, by farm laws, die at 4 years old.  But Lincoln, had a lust for life.  He had a will to live.  And he did.  Now, at the sanctuary, he will live out his days for the next 30 years. A survivor.  A refugee.  He escaped the fate of your fucked up tastebuds.

Human beings are disgusting.  Shallow.  

When I think of people, today, I always think of Jules. Ya know, the character Demi Moore played in st Elmo's fire.  
She was so desperate to be fabulous.  So in dire need of validation by other people.  Such a thick and heavy need for affiliation.  Meanwhile, she was penniless and in debt, most likely had a bankruptcy under her belt, lived far beyond her means, was hugely insecure, all while maneuvering around with an insatiable ego she constantly had to feed.  Like she had time to consider anything other than her own lame bullshit life.

Today's media baby.  Little sniveling shits.  They talk big, but they ain't shit.

I actually think today's humans are similar to factory animals.  They are manufactured.  Man made via media.  Television, movies, magazines....yeah, it is rare today to find an outlier.  These people are fucking mindless drones.  

The moment I reconnected with myself, the non flesh eating activist self, I reopened myself to the true horror of being human.  And honestly, you can watch as much investigation discovery that you want..,you ain't ever gonna reach the depravity of humanness until you expose yourself to factory farming.  Any career that involves humans working with animals utilized as a product, you are gonna find the sickness.  The blackness.  The darkest, most debased.  

Holy fucking hell...and these are the people mutilating lambs.  These are the people dousing calfs in lighter fluid and setting them afire.  These are the people that bulldoze downed cows that have crippled with pain, unable to stand any longer. 

These are the people.  They share the earth with you.  But, hey, they slap barcode stickers to newborn male calfs in the dairy industry.  They're worthless cos they aren't milk producers...send that fucking baby down the line. Babies.  They're babies.

And people make me fucking sick.

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