Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jericho Vermont dogs protect property...again

Jericho Vermont dogs defend footage reel (real)

I gotta say, the mindset of some people sharing the planet deeply sadden me.  
The spokesperson featured on behalf of the berry coveting trespasser was, I believe, her daughter. A family member at least.
Her cold and detached manner, all delivered with a sadistic smile, was unnerving to say the least.  I already have a really hard time with the callousness that humans are marinating in presently.  

The journalist inquired a scenario swap of circumstance, asking it were her dog, would she put it down.
Still smiling, oh yes she would, in a second. No questions asked. They would be fucking goners. All served up with a smile...perhaps it was a nervous smile because she was appearing on the epic channel 3 local news program? Dunno.  Regardless, she smile throughout the entirety.  That 30 seconds?  Spoke volumes. 

All I know is I just want to send out there into this fucked up universe:
The rampant lust for blood is beyond depraved.  This detached human machine with a penchant for sadism served up Roman Empire rule ├ála mode style is soulless. Fucking soulless.

And specifically to the chick on the news: I hope you never, after that vicious and sadistic statement, own a dog.  You have no right, because you lack both insight and empathy.

Imagine, for a moment, sharing your life with a loving, loyal dog. For many years.  Always there for you, never showed signs of any aggression...until one day, some asshole decided, on a whim, that they wanted to pick your fruit.  And they meander up your driveway, and your dog tries to protect you in the only way that nature has provided it. With its mouth.  The same mouth, that, for years, has lavished your face with kisses.

You would hand it an immediate death  sentence.  What a fucking heartless and senseless thing to do.  Not for once having the capacity to step back and analyze the exact moment. The possibility of the crux of the 'why' or the 'how'.

Nah, not you. Fucking kill it. With a smile. The horror.  Have we, as a society entered into such a state of decay that this is acceptable?  Those conjectures are sitting well inside of us?  Not at any time do we question our own moral fiber?  Sick and debased, that is the voice of the people.  

If you follow, and enjoy the comment section, you will see in my last post comments regarding a snapshot of my text.  While myopic, I still feel it weighs and resonates within the realm of today's herd mentality.  It speaks volumes of the lack of an individual's ability to engage in judgement and compassion.

While my bottom line is stay off people's  property/don't fuck with other people; especially in their home.  It is their safe place.  That is their utopia.  Don't come wandering in and cause dystopia just because you felt like it.  It's wrong.

But, I am going off topic.  My last blog entry was about empathy, and compassion. For not only the dogs, but for the property owners. 

The comments have been a discourse of arguing that the berry coveting trespasser was within her rights.  And, that if a dog were to go on their property they would have the right to 'kick it until it needed stitches'.  (Vile, absolutely repugnant the state of today's sadistic mind).  *THIS is exactly why we need stronger right is favor of animals, especially dogs that are on their own property!*

Well, like I had replied: humans and dogs have disparate laws.  
1. Dogs cannot read, and cannot note if there is nothing to be read. (Sign vs no sign debate)
      A. Humans may or may not look for a sign and just hobble right down your driveway if they decide to.
2. Dogs operate on instinct.
     A. Humans act out of entitlement.
3. Dogs are not governed by a societally assumed 'common sense' rubric.
     A. Humans are assumed to, by society, have a common sense.  Obviously, this is not the case here. A resounding duh.
4. Dog laws are to be adhered to by dog owners, not dogs. (These dogs were on their property, protecting their home and their owners from a trespasser).
     A. Human laws are both malleable and integrated by perception. I.e. It is dependent upon an individual's grasp of the written word.

Lovely. Here's a fucking hypothetical argument:
I see some mouth watering berries on my neighbors property.  I also see a fence surrounding their property.  A fence? What does that 'mean'? In the abstract? Or, literally? Figuratively? Their house is there.  I don't see a do not enter sign.... their driveway, I do not see a do not walk on my driveway sign,... their parked car, I do not see a do not drive my car sign...
Should I 'just assume' this is a private dwelling? They didn't state it in writing! Who the fuck are THEY to own property and not post it!?! 
Perhaps it is their safe haven away from the masses?  Perhaps it is theirs? Theirs alone?  Not mine to tread upon as I wish???
 Nah, fuck it. I am heading over there. The berries act like sirens and I am an argonaut lost at sea.  Their juicy song is trumping my mental capacity to reason....

See where I am going with this?

Even if my neighbor had a private sign....they DO NOT have a no berry picking sign.  It may be private, but it certainly doesn't have any fine print stating I cannot enter at will.

Fucking please.

Humans govern language. Don't force that upon dogs.  And certainly don't sentence dogs to death for loving their owners and protecting their property from berry coveting trespassers.

And, I suppose I have to learn something from this myself.  Indeed, if anything, every story has its moral....  I addition to the roughly 30+ posted signs I already have lining the perimeter of my property, it is my duty to purchase even more.  It would seem that my open garage door is a welcoming beacon.  My car doors AND windows must state do not enter.  The doors and windows on my shed must be emblazoned with signs of no trespass.  It would be reckless of me to assume that a stranger would just kinda know that my car and shed were not publically accessible.  Who am I to prey on the innocent nomads and berry pickers to invite them onto my private land that I pay for by not stapling a sign to a bit of wood and ensuring it is able to be seen f rom a 360 degree angle.  
If I do not conform to these laws, my car and shed may be entered at any time by some fucking tool that might covet something that they contain.

Really, Vermont? Fucking really?

From the beginning, and till the end....this is human, not animal.  And it is more about property ownership rights in Vermont.  As a property owner I do not want to have to put up even MORE signs.   

Keep your fucking fingers and noses out of other people's shit!  If that were my daughter, or mother, or sister, or friend...I would beseech them....what the fuck were you thinking????

Imagine if I had a molten lava pit unposted? God forbid.  Imagine if I owned a fire breathing dragon that lived in the center of a luscious pear tree bed? Imagine if I shared my property with a human hating unicorn with a lust for blood on its horn?

...but the only way any of those ridiculous things would ever come to fruition is if some asshat invited themselves into my own personal space. (And yeah, admittedly I am getting silly.  But, silly begets silly.)

This ain't nectars, man.  This is a house, on a parcel of land, with a fucking driveway.

How much more private do you have to get?

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