Monday, September 21, 2015

Scattered tonight...

Greed. Pure, undiluted greed. That is: @Seaworld, @MiamiSeaquarium Horse drawn carriage rides (cha-Ching), elephant rides (even an aged, arthritic elephant like #Nosey), swimming with the #dolphins. And don't think they shed their blood for you in #Taiji #Japan. Zoos, circuses, roadside zoos, any fucking aquarium that hold its prisoners captive...forced to perform for its next meal FOR YOU. Bacon? Spam? Pork? Tenderloin? Chops? .....PIG flesh Hamburger? Top sirloin? Beef? .....COW flesh I dunno. I am at a loss for words right now. Some cocksucker did the whole fireworks in a dogs mouth thing...and honestly, the aftermath photo on the petition site is fucking staying with me. And why wouldn't it? I am no sadist. And how about the nasty fucker that has been hitting dogs randomly with acid?? Oh, and let's not forget the humanoid that shot his kitten up with heroin. Jesus fucking christ. Cetacians held prisoner in cement. Always drugged, always hungry...just so they will jump and splash on command. It's a sad fucking state of the society when so many fucking morons believe @Seaworlds bullshit lies and think these orcas and Dolphins LOVE this shit. Yeah, nothing beats a chlorinated pool. Definitely not the entire fucking ocean. They adore dead frozen fish treats. Fucking drone. If you believe that, have been forsaken. You no longer matter. So, go fuck yourself. I have an idea. You and your entourage of idiots can circle jerk each other on fuckfacebook, or instafuckfacegram...or whatever 'social media' you abuse. Post your selfies, your sandwich, your fucking toenails. Enjoy your piece of shit, superficial life. Full of 'likes' and moronic mastuabatory comments. "Aw, yer soooooo pretty" like, totally. This is your ONE life. And you do not 'only live once', you live EVERY fucking day...until you die. ....I wonder how many 'likes' you will get then. Hardy har

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