Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sun and moon bears

Read a lot about the #ForgetMeNot bears today. Jesus h christ. Ya know...I got this thing about hating people? Well, multiply the fuck out of it. You see...in order to combat the total fucking H-BOMB of animal cruelty/factory farm undercover/ dog meat trade/ Taiji killing bay pictures and video; I watch sanctuary videos. Rescue video. Read stories with happy-ish endings. Well, the bile bears....in Asia. Wow. They are still tearing me apart. I cannot fathom for a millisecond what their life was/is. Even after rescue, and transition to sanctuary.... See....people got this thing that they do. It's typically self congratulatory...all mastuabatory. Fucking human.,. They rescue a bear, that has been locked in a 5X5 steel cage for 30 years...the entirety spent in pain, immobile, whilst some fucking tool "harvested bile" for some asshat 'medicinal property'....then, suddenly, the bear is rescued. Never having felt the sun, the moon, the wind, the rain, the fucking anything... Then it's rescue.....30 years later. The life span of a moon bear (bile bear) is actually 30 fucking years. So, this rescued bear is given the opportunity to feel grass, to actually play... Yeah, I know. To a fuckface like you, you think that's amazing. No. That's sad. I mean, video of the bile bear sanctuary...with whomever filmed it giggling at the moon bear playing with a twig. I mean. Imagine anyone confined to a steel cage for 30 fucking years, yeah, a twig will be mighty amusing. And the human giggle is the very human quality that they did this...their action allowed this. Whatever the fucking humanoid did, let this bear finally, after 30 years, play with a twig. And guess what. He fucking died. He had, of course, lived his lifespan in a steel cage. Suffering decades of abuse, torture, torment...HELL. But, some nice person decided to give him a voice, to advocate for his liberty. I dunno. Am I suddenly anti- advocacy? Hell no. Just don't go patting yourself on the back too quick, kids. Humans got a lot of ground to cover, to make up for. A tiny glimmer of life playing with a twig after 3 decades of torment ain't enough. Fuck sakes, humanity better get their shit together.

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