Sunday, September 13, 2015

It ain't just horses, asshead

Interesting blah twitter day.

Signed an e petition to ban horse carriages.  

Why?  I don't go for humans profiting from animals.  I don't go for enslavement.  I don't go for horses hauling a bunch of fucking fat ass idiots around city streets on Labor Day.

Carriage horses, like all other animals exploited for our idiotic entertainment, don't have a choice.

And I really gotta hand it to the fucking mindless morons that claim they are for animal welfare, not animal rights.

No, they aren't for animal rights because they would lose their fucking income.

The cash, the moolah, the income...all at the expense of some animal that somebody strapped or bound something to.  In this case, carriages.

Now, a delightful fuckwit tweeted me that my petitioning against horse carriages was advocacy for starving horses.  They actually asked me if I only wanted horses to be extinct, or if I wanted all animals extinct.

Then, because I have a picture of my hairy soulmate...who happens to be a dog, they asked "does he not entertain you?"

Well, as much as I entertain him.  I don't charge him anything when I kiss or let him.  What I also don't do, is earn a living from him.  I don't make turn a profit by ensuring he is safe, warm, has a full belly.  I do not exploit him for anything, not in any way.

I don't really think I grasp their ideal point, because I don't think like them.

Naturally, a horse, or any animal, that cannot successfully mate, just doesn't get pregnant.  End of story.  Humans devised artificial insemination.  It is hardly an animal advocate fault that there are so many animals.  We are the fucking douchebags that force animal populations to be what they are.

It's absolutely insipid if you ascribe to a belief that millions of cows, pigs, horses, sheep, chickens, sheep and goats would roam the earth without humans.  No.  It is because we ip artificially inseminate.  We force breeding.  We gotta have more.  To fucking eat, to exploit, to race, to use.  

Humans are the fucking plague of the earth.

Actually, horse carriages in NYC Central Park is the least of my concern.  Plagued with a brain full of kitten crush videos and some heartless black souled CUNT dismembering her own dog.  Actually, it might not have been hers.  Still, she muzzled it, then began cutting his fucking legs off.  

I just don't know what kind of fucking world I am living in.  It isn't my fault that I am here.  I just am sort of existing in this wretched, dark world.  

God.  I am beyond a misanthrope.  Is there even a word for 'me'?  My hatred for humanity grows, increasing every day.  Ain't no brake on that mother fucker.

All of you self obsessed idiots of the instafuckfacegram fuckfacebook world:  open your fucking eyes.

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