Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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I don't hate humanity.  Humanity is benevolence.  Only an utterly insipid humanoid cannot distinguish that hating humans isn't hating humanity.

Why would an animal activist hate compassion? Benevolence? Mercy?


Might be a bit of subtext thrown in for good measure.  The kind of person that can't say what they really wanna say.  Cos they are spineless.  And weak.  They are an utter sanctimonious hypocrite, through and through.  And, they know it.

That is why they utilize subtext.  Their statements are chock full of hidden agendas.  Whatfucking ever.

Establish your cause,  now, look for the root of it.  The point of origination.  

It ain't me.  It's fucking you.

Pigs in factory farm cages.  Mothers separated from their babies by steel.  That's a truth you could give two shits about.  You could give a flying fuck what some anonymous pig suffers just so you can slap some more bacon onto your already abundant ass.  Yeah, that's a truth.  

I admit, I am a bit militant. I am making up for lost time...? I was for almost two decades a non flesh eater.  Admittedly, multiple sclerosis scared me.  I needed certain vitamins that only animals could provide.....

Fucking please. The animals ate the nutrients, then I ate them.  That's all that fucking happened. 


There is no sanctimony in my posts, my shares, my tweets.  No. They are fueled by something much more powerful than boastful self.  They are governed by guilt.  Guilt and regret.

The mere fact that I succumbed to the norm.  What the fuck was my problem?  I happily joined the whacked out majority of morons that subscribe to familial bonds no matter the cost.  That people are more important than anything.  

You general demographic...you are all fucking idiots.  You all make up the group of mindless Fuckheads.  You believe everything you read, everything you hear.  You are so easily distracted.  It doesn't take much for you.  Television is like tinsel on a Xmas tree to you.  You are a fucking sad lot,  that's what you are.

So fixated on your self.  So obsessed with your own tiny existence.  

But, at least you get to call outliers like me 'kooky', or, even better; conspiracy theorists.  Yeah.  Way down the rabbit hole.  Or, why not, liberal? Funny. Almost.

Nah. Call me what you want.  I don't give a fuck.

Accuse me of whatever you want. I still won't give a fuck.

Eating animals is the worst thing you could do.  And you already got that covered.

....in puss filled milk and cheese.  In veins and blood.  In assholes and innards.

Good for you, caveman moron.  Good for you.


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