Sunday, September 13, 2015


Were you aware, at all, that 100% of herbivores sweat from their pores? Were you aware that 100% of carnivores sweat from their mouths (panting) and from the pads of their feet? 75% of the earths makeup are herbivore. Were you aware that 100% of herbivores chew with a grinding, rotating mouth? Were you aware that 100% of carnivores do not chew? They only bite and swallow? And humans, are completely herbivore. I learned that. Even after 'going vegan '. I learned that I already was vegan...I had merely lost my fucking brains and adopted a rather ridiculous animal eating tradition. Yeah. Didn't last. Fuck every idiot out there, fuck any heartless fucking animal abuser. Fuck you callous, self absorbed morons. And fuck the little idiots you spawned to replace yourself. Fuck the butchers. Fuck the consumers. Fuck the media drones. Fuck the humans that lack humanity. Fuck you.

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