Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cereal shitter

We have been lied to, for a very long while. Some of us, prefer the lies to the truth. How 'matrix' of you. You are forsaken. We have been lied to by Disney, which is full of sex scandal, monarching, and subliminal messages. We have been lied to by Seaworld, which is teeming with abused cetaceans, ties to Taiji drive hunts, and big money in the exploitation of apex predators that have been reduced to begging for food. We have been lied to by the USDA. AG-Gag. Factory farms are chock full of horrific abuse, torturous confinement, and the almighty whopper of a lie; that we need dairy, eggs, and meat to be healthy. We have been lied to by television and movies, bloated with opulence and decadent lifestyles while unattainable, force fed down your throat like a fucking fois gras goose! Consume. Consume. Consume. We needn't live a life of myopic narcissism while chowing down on animal flesh, maxing out our credit cards, and believing everything we were told growing up. My grandfather always told me, since I could remember, from a very young age to QUESTION EVERYTHING. As I keep referring to, peppering almost every entry with, is the fact that my fucking brains fell out for several years. No, I didn't live beyond my means, but I definitely swallowed the pill of societally acceptable socio sexual mores, and class. I took my doctors words as gospel in regards to my nutrition. I bought designer bags. I launched a brick and mortar store for high end clothing, shoes and accessories. It was a high end 'used' clothing store. What a hoot. God, I hated myself the entire time that I was mindless. I didn't realize it at the time. I was in the thick of it. I lost a lot of my soul. But enough about me and whatever catharsis I had...I don't matter. I live in a state where bestiality is legal. I live within 11 miles of a dog raper. I live in a country that keeps cetaceans in captivity. My grandmother brought me to Seaworld when I was a child. I live in a world that has websites that are for zoophilia...bestiality pics and video that is like youporn for dog fuckers. #OpBEAST I live in a world that baby chicks beaks are seared off so that they won't peck one another to death while they live a short, horrific life in over crowded cages. And, I share this planet with fucking morons that are ok with all that. They are ok with it because they believe everything they are told, that they read, and that they see. These people whose minds are saturated with fictitious representatives of 'life'. Utter shit. I am unsure what is worse; an active sadist, or an inactive moron. Inaction is acceptance. I am not ok with television. I am not ok with bestiality. I am far from fucking ok with Seaworld and their cash cow captive cetacean clown show pool circus. I am not fine with elephants chained and beaten. I am not ok with bears living for 30 years at a fucking bile farm. I am not ok that animal protection laws are a fucking joke. I am not ok with Kim kardashians fucking hobbit body dictating what women should wear. I am not ok with advertisements that are soft porn. I am not ok that people are so self indulgent, so easily impressed by themselves, so mastuabatory. It doesn't take much for today's media baby to dilute themselves into thinking they are a snowflake. No. None of it is ok with me. Seaworld.....the people are gunning for you. Release the orcas. #OpSeaworld Vermont....get your shit together and make bestiality a fucking felony. Agriculture....you nasty, greedy, soulless fucks. Just go the fuck away. Planet destroyers. Rain forest ruiners. Animal genocide. Humans are damned.

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