Thursday, October 1, 2015


Thank you, pink Floyd. Factory farms. Extra bacon? Quarter pounder? Mc fucking nuggets? Welcome. To the machine. Holy fucking shitballs. We cannot be human! No way! After viewing a plethora or factory farm surreptitious way could a HUMAN being be fine with it. An impossibility surmounting. Come on Vegan or not. Really? Baby piglets abused? You ok with that, humanoid? Welcome, to the machine. Really? Cetaceans in captivity for YOUR entertainment? Aquarium= education?? Welcome to machine, you have become comfortably numb. Wake up. Shake it off. I am not ok with that. You are? I remain unshocked. You don't surprise me. Mindless. Drone. Force fed propaganda like a frois gras goose. And you are hungry. So fucking hungry for your next force feeding God, you are vile Especially that your hunger is not sated by the tube forced down your throat,...pumped beyond full with shit. So many hundreds of thousands of gallons of blood spilled from sentient beings....for you. You vapid, fucking nobody. You fuckfacebook moron. You mastuabatory, easily impressed with yourself commodity. Enjoy, fuckface. Enjoy what you have been told. Because, would be subject to some serious fucking crimes against nature. You pay to have others kill..for you. Proxy. Google the definition, dumbass. Cos, I know you don't know it. No matter how intelligent you project .yourself as....autocorrect DON'T fool anyone. You are not even a piston in the engine, are a smear of oil....just to keep everything running. It's almost sad how big of a price tag you brandish on your own head. I think I am embarrassed for you. You are just a sniveling little shit. Funny. Keep writing your drivel. You impress like minded people. You got. p.h.d in douchebaggery :) And, you don't know it.

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