Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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And I made my way through one more day in hell. Signed a petition for justice for some soulless cocksucker that shot a dog in the face, blowing its muzzle to pieces. Sent a letter to the California coastal commission as an anti captivity supporter in opposition to #Seaworld blue world project which is such utter bullshit. Orca inbreeding. More space for more slave cetaceans. Fuck you, seaworld. Money machine. Signed a plethora of varying petitions for change, all benefitting animal welfare and animal rights. Seems the military thinks it's humane to use pigs as targets to practice on...then, once they shoot them, they 'dress their wounds'. Yeah, that sounds like a benefit to humans. Fucking vile. Signed against Cambridge and their twisted, demented sadist fucking test lab. Those sick fucks. They give baby primates ecstasy to see the effects for human benefit. They also drill holes into conscious cats skulls to record brain activity, thus benefitting humans. Fuck you, Cambridge. Scummy fucks. Thankful for another blue cove day. #OpHenkaku Then, signed for justice; a group of teenage boys in the Midwest strapped a dog with fireworks...and lit them. They recorded it. Mega tweets for #BloodLions and I just want to say to any fucking sadist, dickless, trophy hunting fucking tool...your life on this planet is meaningless. See, sadism serves absolutely NO purpose here. It does fuck all for the Eco system aside from damaging it. Your life is that of a disease strain. You are not organic. Nah, it took a long time to build you. A lot of ignorance and passivity and mindlessness bred you. The only way to #EndSadism is to end sadists. They are forsaken. ...think of how nice it would be here, without them to cause ruination. Signed petitions for elephants poached...not the good old fashioned way with high powered rifles...nah, these fucking scumbags got all inventive. They utilized the magical powers of CYANIDE. Yep. How clever. Fuck you sadists...your time is coming. Center stage. This world we live in, chock full of artifice....everything a Petrie dish for sadism. Media babies, had babies. Fun. Media babies were already pretty fucked, now they are rearing their own broods. Not even gonna get into that. This day, is coming to a close. Eyelids too heavy... It's already tomorrow; and I hadn't even finished today. #DontBeAFuckFace

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