Tuesday, October 6, 2015

No soundtrack, please. None needed.

Was watching some animal rescue video. You know...light at the end of the tunnel...torch in the darkness.....glimmer of hope in the pitch.... And I left it feeling worse. Why? Because of the human element. There was video of a rescued cow. She had cried all night long, and they didn't know why. In the morning, they saw that her teats were leaking, she had a full udder. She was lactating because she had a baby. The rescue team immediately phoned the farm she came from, the inquired if she had a calf. Yes. It was actually on a truck now, headed for slaughter. They did a stellar human thing, they chased down the truck, identified her baby, and rescued him. Then, filmed the reuniting of mother and son. I would have been in tears had it not been for the overlapped blaring Whitney fucking Houston 'I will always love you'. Fucking please. Obscene. Like animals need a 'soundtrack'. No, that's a human thing. Oh well. Maybe animal rescue videos are the new 'food porn'. Sad. Sick fucking debased world to live in. That mother cow was crying for her baby. She cried all night. She din not sleep a wink. Then, when she was reunited with her child, she slept. She stopped crying. If you just HAVE to eat meat, then eat your own fucking babies. Stop eating theirs you fucking psychopath.

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