Wednesday, October 21, 2015


And so, another day is coming to a they do.

Had an interesting twitter day;  had someone tell me they felt bad for my anger at injustice toward animals and the cruelty and suffering they endure.  Neato.

Of course, this person is one of those 'live an let live', fuckers.  Ya know?  The kind of fuckface that wants to live anyfuckingway that they choose, regardless of the repercussions.  Yep.  Forsaken.  Sorry not sorry, but live like you GIVE A FUCK! I mean, really.  What do YOU give a fuck about?  Your own pleasure? 

Wow.  That's novel.  If that's your answer than join the ranks of all of the ZILLIONS of other fuckfacebook morons out there.  Trust me, you are NOT alone.  There are millions of mindless cells just waiting for your attachment to detachment.  Desensitization.  Yep. Nutshell, mother fucker.  You ain't worth nothing.


Paul Watson had an excellent article posted in a german magazine.  Basically, telling everyone to smarten the fuck up and go vegan.  I enjoy his succinct to the point vernacular.... So many humans run around this planet, pussy footing, being 'kind' all that jazz, nah. Fuck that shit...tell the truth.

Humans are a fucking plague upon this planet.  Humans destroy, over time, everything that they come in contact with.

If humans cannot eat it, they fuck it, or they exploit it, they enslave it, they reduce it to a tool.  Humans have a utilitarian ideal of animals.  Humans commodify animals until they have less feeling than tin cans filled with carrots.

What the fuck is our problem??

Exactly WHAT is it, that we just expect from animals?  Should human just expect alligators to surrender their skin? #Hermes should we just allow #sheep in #Argentina to shed their wool and skin so that HuMAMS can have Their dead bodies for skin and their wool?  

God, yes. Tell the fucking truth.

Tell the truth about captive cetaceans....that their brains are far more complex than humans...yet we imprison them....we enslave them.  For profit.  

Humans obsession with money.  Cold,  hard,  cash.

We are the captives.  We are captivated with fantasies.  We are captivated with contrived happiness. Our environments aren't quite good enough for we create them. All at the expense of animals in the environment.

Fuck humans for their lack of humanity,

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