Friday, October 9, 2015

If I were an orca...

Just tried do do some more 'family' shit.

You know...communicate with those that are of your own bloodline.  Seeing how cetaceans have gotten humans beat.  The southern pods stay together for a life time.  Must be their parents weren't utter shit bags.  Must be their siblings weren't repugnant.  Must be their entire "pod", I.e, "family" were at, the vey least, chock full of elements that made them integral.  They were invaluable. They were meeting whatever needs..

Was reading some interesting orca profiles; there's a "'disabled' killer whale, that her family actually catches fish for her. They protect her. They nourish her.  They are determined that she thrives within the pod.

The family,

See.  This is where I get all bloated with a lot of gaseous go and 'fuck yourself'.

Don't get me wrong.  The fact that these "lesser beings" (lesser than humans) are cognizant, compassionate, and empathetic of their disabled pod member is poignant.

Just saying...I am very happy for her.  

I am more than happy for her that she is an orca.

Because my human affliction disallows that type solidarity in familial bonds.  It doesn't hold water for me.


Fuck them.  ( the humans, I mean)

I am saturated with cetacean love.  But human blood connections? 

Nah.  Fuck em.  They're forsaken.

I don't waste my time anymore.

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