Wednesday, October 14, 2015

RT, Share, Like, ♥️, Quote.... might be a tweet.  A tweet for justice.

Someday, you might be a shared story...remarkable transformation after s horrific life of abuse.

Someday, you might be a headline. HUMAN sold for flesh! 


You won't be a tweet, you won't be shared.
 You will never be a fucking headline.

You won't even be a lonely hashtag.

Nope,  you won't be nothing.  You have done fuck all in terms of exemplary.  Your species is not notable enough.  Just existing your fucking contrived life doesn't get a retweet.

You have done nothing in terms of survival.  You exist on programs, government loans, government bailouts, taxpayers dollars.  

That's your claim to fame.  :)

Don't it make you smile?

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