Sunday, October 4, 2015

Buy a ticket? I hate you

Cat vine?
Raccoon head stuck in a can vine?
Seaworld show?

WHEN, I beseech you, are humans going to connect the fucking dots, and realize that these ARE NOT our animals?

They are not here to entertain us.  
They are not ours.

We have no right to hold them captive.

You like captivity so much? Break the law...then you will be behind bars.

What have animals done to be deserving? They're cute?  They make us laugh? They are captivating?
Yeah, animals put the captive in captivating.

Fucking humans,  leave it to us to ruin every fucking good thing that we have access to.

Fuck whale watching..,I wanna see an orca wave its tail.  Fuck African safaris...I don't have the cash, guess I'll just head down to the local zoo.  I havent got the cash to shell out for a trip to Alaska...fuck it, I'll just drive to the closest aquarium that houses penguins and polar bears.

Yeah. That's the animals job.  To just hang out, in captivity, just waiting....for me to pay to go see them.

That's so fucking human of you.

I hate you.

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