Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bereft of everything...

I am disgusted with the human race.  I am ashamed to be a part of it.  Since so many individuals are segregating themselves into neat little groups like trans, or poly...I think I am going to separate myself from the human animal.  I am just an animal.
I am not religious, however I am beginning to wonder if the 'lack of God' is the actual root cause of the state of the current world I live in.
After signing animal rights petition after petition, I question the rampant sadism.
Do we live in a throw away world? An upgrade life?
What the fuck is wrong with us that we need wool coats that buy wool from Argentinian sheep farms that skin sheep alive and mutilate lambs? Really?
Call dr. Fucking lector, because as a society we need some fucking help.  
We have no one, or nothing to answer to/for.  We are completely autonomous...yet some use their human power for evil.  
Some fucking 19 yo bitch in N.J. Killed her family dog with the cunning use of bashing its fucking head in with a claw hammer and shovel.  And then, just cos she could, she bragged about it to her friend.  What the fuck?
We are just sort of 'fine' with this sort of behavior? Or, are we so fucking self obsessed and too busy taking mastuabatory selfies in our fucking bathroom mirrors to care? 
We are fucking scum.
And, fuck it, why not? Some fucking asshead tightly taped his dogs muzzle together, and just sort of let it was still a puppy, too. Kind of makes it extra special.
Being humans, most of us are ok with cruel shit happening to adult animals.
...dead cat, dead dog...
But we really get pissy if it is a kitten or puppy.
At least we have that.
Fucking scum.
I am so ashamed to be a human.
I really am.
Burn bunnies eyes out for shampoo....fuck you.
Skin live sheep for your pea coat....fuck you.
I am so angry right this day and age of Internet and wifi access...people still can't have some fucking empathy?
In a world of fake tits and nose jobs, can we NOT murder millions of animals on a daily basis?  Really! 
That fucking douche bag dentist that killed Cecil with the help of a lure, jeep, spot light, cross bow, semi automatic weapon, and two lock guides....really?
That shit exists today?
Basement dwellers.
Every second of every day matters.  It fucking matters.
Big deal you cell phone needs to be recharged, some lamb kidnapped from its mother just had its tail sliced off for your fucking seasonal coat?
Really. That's today. Every second you spend picking out the most flattering filter for your duck lip selfie.
Of, fuck you, humans.  I loathe myself because of you. I abborh me, because I am here...existing...with no tail to slice off. No wool to covet. No ivory to poach for. No trophy.
#peta #ashamedtobehuman #animalrights #fuckingyousoulessscumbags

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