Sunday, August 16, 2015

One more, then another, and another...

Inaction is acceptance. 

Who are we, as a society, that we will quietly live among sadists?  No action is acceptance.  I am not going to talk about Argentina, or China.  I am talking about the United States. I am talking about my home.  Most likely, your home.  

In California, at a dog park, a few dogs and a couple wild animals died.  The toxicology reports revealed arsenic poisoning.  The park was searched and they found 'meatballs' laced with rat poison.
These people live among you.

In Florida, a 23 year old guy beat his parents dog to death with a flashlight. It was a golden retriever.  Are you a Floridian? Have relatives or vacation there?
These people live among you.

A group of guys used multiple high powered fireworks to kill a mixed breed dog filming the entire act and then uploading it.  They are New York residents.  Is that close to home? They surround you.
These people live among you.

In Tennessee, a couple sprayed kittens with a toxic, thick foam for 'fun'.  The foam ate away at the kittens delicate skin.  For fun.
These people live among you.

You live among these sadists.  They work with you.  They shop in the same aisle as you.  They share highways with you.  You sit behind them in the theatre.  You eat next to them in restaurants.  These people are not in a country an ocean away.
No.  They are here.

It is that fact ALONE that should catapult you into action.  Signs some campaigns.  Support animal rights petitions.  Speak for those that have no voice.  Have ZERO tolerance for sadistic acts of violence toward animals.  Demand to live in a neighborhood/town/city/state/country/world that holds sadists accountable.

Is the state of a society not a direct reflection of those that are a part of it?

If you cannot stand the sight of a picture or video of an animal being tortured, dead, etc....then DO something about it to make the act stop.

....delete candy crush from your fucking smart phone, and use the time you would have spent trying to beat your friends high score to sign petitions that are fighting for animal rights.  Sign your name in support of those that are demanding justice for acts of violence against animals.  Stand among those that will not allow sadism to go unpunished.
In 5 minutes you can virtually sign anywhere from 15-30 campaigns for change.  You can make this place safer for your own dog or cat or horse.  You can make it safer for your neighbors pets, or mine.  You can make it safer for animals.

You live a single life.

Make it worth something.  Make it matter.

...."only a righteous man regardeth the life of a beast"....

I ain't religious, but if you are, that shit is from the bible.  Verbatim.

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