Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Uhthoffs can suck it...

I don't do well in heat/humidity.

In addition to feeling my energy drain away like an ice cube in the sun, the pain/sensations are a lot to deal with.

We are under tornado watch right now. I actually am welcoming it because it is bringing cooler air along with its threat. Ahhh. It has been hot, sunny, muggy. 10 minutes in the sun guarantees me a migraine.

I had an appointment last month, which I cancelled (again). I keep canceling/rescheduling. I am uninterested in talking about more chemotherapy. I am not gonna take tegretol. I am not going to take ampyra. Not much else to discuss. No new attacks. No improvements. Just, as per temperature changes, headaches, heightened fatigue, new born foal legs made of lead, numb, cement block feet. Etc, mostly etc.

Despite this shit, I am very excited to get the boat out on the lake. Rommel just got his new life preserver in the mail...which happens to be MS orange. (they didn't have green in stock, only orange). Which, I am sure, the orange will be good for visibility in the water. You won't miss him...a huge, wolf looking shepherd floating around in an orange dog life vest. How cute is that shit, eh?!

I am looking forward to swimming. I can't walk for shit, but I can swim good. I fatigue very easily, but the cool lake water seems to keep me peppy enough. I am not gonna question it. I love swimming.....it's the leg cramps I worry about. But, I do it safely. Take plenty of precautions.

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