Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MS forum equally disabling

I read MS blogs, here and there. I also read non MS blogs here and there....I DO NOT read blogs that people stick payment buttons on. That turns me right off...but hey, that's me.

In regards to the title of this blog....

I decided, today, to join an MS forum. I have read on it a few times, and thought, what the hell. Maybe I would post, get some feedback, etc.

Well, I posted. Or at least tried to. I attempted to post about chemo (novantrone) for MS. Since I have been on it, I was curious how other MSers have done.

The post was immediately stuck in queue...awaiting a moderators approval.?? Wtf? So, I decided to wait a little while, and read more. Then decided I would change my totally anonymous and androgynous avatar to a pic of Rommel and I. Well, that too needs a moderators approval.

Fucking seriously? Like what evil bastard trolls caused this bullshit? Is it possible moderator approved because some MS folk will be harmed by a swear here or there?

I use a wheelchair, man....I think I can handle an 'f' bomb.....(obviously I can handle it, I use it enough).

Unfuckingreal. So, needless to say....I am crippled by this disease, and then joined a forum that crippled me again.

Who knows, maybe they are really anal about spam, trolls, jerk faces, or whatever occasionally evil fuck that will go there and taunt some of them. I dunno. I am done with the forum, in a matter of moments. Well, about 15 minutes total.

I registered, posted....waited for approval....posted again about posts awaiting approval....then logged out, and am done.


  1. The ones I have tried sucked too. What arrogant fuckers (oops, sowwy) start those anyway?

  2. :) hahah...not a fucking clue who starts them