Sunday, November 11, 2012

Five months later....

Gotta point out the obvious, and note that I haven't done this posting blogging thing for a while.  5 months later, and boom! Here I am.

A lot has actually happened in my life, a lot is currently happening...just like everyone else in their lives.

My low need for affiliation hasn't changes, so no news on that.  Still haven't made a single friend. Still no change in my ms.  Still haven't 'taken a walk' anywhere.

But, for anyone that cares to read about some crippled chicks life as a distraction from their own, or perhaps to satiate the innate nosy inner self..... Here's my new shit.

1.  A pigeon. Yep, I now live with a pigeon.  I didn't set out to live with a pigeon, never even crossed my mind.  In fact, I have never been interested in birds as a pet or companion.  I have always thought that they were pretty, or funny, or fucking obnoxious (blue jays).
     Still....this summer, we had a very intense storm, one of many.  This particular storm knocked out power, broke trees in half (no shit), wrecked bridges and some roads.  It was epic wind and heavy rain.  The next day, in the calmness afterwards, I discovered a little white bird sitting on the woodpile on my back porch.  He actually scared the shit out of me.  I was letting Rommel take a pee, and I was going to have a smoke.  When I sat down, I noticed something white and moving...startling me.  He hopped up higher on the logs when I looked at him.  Rommels presence didn't phase him either.  I took a couple pics of him, thinking that it was cute and how odd that he wasn't flying away.
    Flash forward a few neighbor has a homicidal cat. A bird killing machine type cat.  This cat is clever, adept, sneaky.  He has claimed the lives of countless squirrels, mice, moles, and birds.  This cat has an unquenchable bloodlust for little furries and feathers.  I had gotten closer to the little bird and noticed a rusty color that was speckled and staining his white feathers. Blood....ahhh. Perhaps this little guy was a tad more clever that the jack the ripper cat?  Escaped with claw or teeth injuries?  Regardless of how he was crippled heart immediately went out to this tiny handicapped bird.  I wanted to give him a little help at life.  I called my brother for help....I needed him because I cannot stand and reach and my balance is fucked.  My brother came, we made a makeshift house, he caught him and voila.  Safe bird.
     Since I know jack shit about birds, bird health, how to care for an injured bird, etc....I did what most anyone would do. I called rommels vet.  No luck, but they did advise me to contact fish and game, and that they had a bird rehabber I could call.
     Readers digest version?  Got him a cage, seed, a toy, gave him a cute pillow.....brought him to the bird rehabber and found out that he is NOT wild.  He didn't, however, have any bands or identification.  She said take him home....enjoy him.  I did place an add on Craigslist, making sure no one was missing him.  *on a different note, I cannot believe what a bunch of trolling fucking idiots peruse listing, not reading them, just so they can respond to you insultingly.  Seriously. I had some bitch write to me and tell me she was reporting me for catching wild animals and trying to profit off them. Wtf? I gave her a piece of my mind....which was dumb of me. grandfather always said to never fight with a cripple or a fool....and she wasn't cripple. She was a fucking moron.
     So.....looooong story short.  I have a do,estic feral pigoen that lives with me. He has his own room.  His name is BB. There it is.

He is an absolute joy to be around.  His intellect is impressive. He is funny. Very tame...well, he wasn't at first, but is now.  When I found him, the rehabber told me, he was less than 20 days old.  A squeaker.  She said he most likely got knocked out of the nest or lost the flock due to the storm.

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