Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My 2 cents on la la land

I recently read a post from someone with MS.
....ain't that a shocker?  I mean, I would love to spend my time on the net looking at porn, or maybe buying shit off eBay, or even researching something fascinating.  But, not so much. I guess I got bigger fish to fry.  I read MS blogs. I wanna know how people feel, how they are doing....any new meds, maybe even a tip or two.

In regards to the title of this post...I really mean it. I am gonna give my two cents on la la land.

I had been bouncing from blog to blog....some drenched in MS, some adding MS to their post like you add paprika to potato salad. You know... A little bit of color, a tad flavor boost.

I had to laugh at this one guys post.  For the most part I get him.  He had said something about 'throat punching people that say that getting MS was a blessing'.  That is a loose quote. Cannot remember exactly, and I am not too bothered to go find and quote the shit properly. This ain't an essay.

Well, I had to laugh because I think I actually read one of the MS blogs that most likely inspired him to write that.  Unfuckingreal.

But, what prompted me to write this morning is a different blog.  The author of it has MS and instead of feeling her MS is a blessing, she actually feels her MS is fucking special.  Her doctor thinks she is the MS shit and is going to write about her.  Well, that's equally as disturbing as the whole Being happy for MS because it changed their life for the better...etc.

Are we just that pathetic that that does it for us?  Seriously?  Your MS is better than mine?  Your chronic illness is way more special?  Jesus.

I feel it truly goes hand in hand with the whole throat punching prompt.  A special MS patient vs. a blessed MS patient.  Who knows....maybe the formers parents told her she was the prettiest little girl in the whole wide world on a daily basis when she was wee. And maybe the blessed guy is an extreme optimist.  I don't think either is right, nor do I think they are wrong.  I do, however, feel that they both have summer houses in la la land.  But, gotta do what you gotta do to get you through.  So, if one of them is so blessed because MS has given them a wonderful crippled pain filled life, so be it. And if one of them is the exception, not the rule of MS...all fucking special and shit, well.... Good for her.

But, the blogger is right. I agree with him. They are fucking liars.  They just might not know it.....which only means they believe their lies.

So perception is reality..... I guess I live in the here and the now.  I don't feel special...millions of poor bastards have this disease.  I don't feel blessed....MS has put a huge burden on my family, and crippled me physically, in turn crippling me mentally and emotionally in some respects.

But hey.....whatever gets you through the day, man.
Are we as people so fucking pathetic that we will just take it anywhere we can get it?


  1. I see these types of statements all the flippin time... how MS has blessed someone, changed someone into a better person... blah blah blah

    The only conclusion I have come up with is that these people must've been some sort of ego maniac or spoiled rotten silver spoon don't give a shit about another person.

    In that case, I could see where MS would be extremely humbling, maybe helped them reconnect with spirituality or at the very least, become aware of what life is really about... making it through day to day with as much compassion and humility as possible.

    I don't know... I'm probably way off base and the real truth is that it sounds good to say MS is a blessing... sugar coat it or something...

  2. I think that is a really good point you have made.....that said, it is of course just as individual as MS. I am sure it has humbled many folks.....but I would wager an equal amount sugar coat the shit out of it.

  3. I hear ya, I do. I am a sprinkle w/MS blogger, I am because writing about MS every day for years is effing BORING. I have it. My life is shit. My future is shittier. Anything shit in my life is MS related. (After a bout with cancer--Duh) I figure if *I* am bored to death talking shit all day, who isn't? You can read LOTS about MS by choosing that label on my blog. I really haven't read much new in 22 years, same ole shit.

  4. I think I know what yr talking MS ain't a damn gift. its just lifes way of screwing me a little harder. if I ever think of this as a gift, I hope someone is kind enough to tell me I've lost my fucking mind. Living in the moment ans all that is one thing...butterflies and rainbows damn sure ain't what I'm seeing of this disease.
    love yr blog btw.