Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super moon

the moon was wicked pretty last night.  14%  bigger than how we are accustomed to seeing it.  I wanted to take some pics, and my tripod was upstairs.  I didnt have the leg energy to go get it and schlepp it back down and outside.  I could have asked G., but I didnt.  He has enough shit to contend with..
So, I went out, in all of my glorious spasticity, and tried taking a couple pics.  Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.  
The pics were all crap, beyond blurred.  The F stop is manually set, aperture open longer...need a steady hand. so, I got pissed, and went to bed.  G. could tell i was pissy, and asked me if i wanted him to either take the pic for me, or if i wanted him to go stand oout back, as a human anchor, so that I could lean on him.  I said no,grumbling.  After about 15 minutes, he drifted off.  Seriously, this guy could sleep hanging from a meat hook.  I was determined to get a pic that wasnt blurry.  So, Rommel and i headed back outside.  I sat my ass down, braced myself by leaning heavily into the porch, and I finally got one.  yay.  small victories make me all happy. 

here are a couple shots of this big, beautiful bastard.

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