Saturday, May 5, 2012


My dog will definitely be peppered throughout my posts, but I wanted to post specifically about him, and what he has done for me...what he means to me...etc.

Like a gushing Mama, ill start off by telling you all about Mr. Rommel dog.  A euro black sable german shepherd, Rommel is over 100lbs of love.  G, (my BF), and I had talked about getting a kind of big dog for home protection.  Since I could no longer work, and G was gone all night busting his ass, I was home alone.  G had ADT installed, but isnt soft, loyal, loving protection better?  the companionship, the laughs. ADT is awesome, but I take Rommel, hands down.
  When we had finally decided on the breed, (we thought about dobermans, too) i set out on an online mission to find a reputable, respectable, knowledgeable breeder. It took about a month, month and a half to find the kennel we ultimately decided to go with.  I began talking to the breeder, Tanya, about everything I did/didnt want in a GSD.  She had done temperament testing on a litter that she had pups available, and none of them fit my criterial. They were working lines, had strong drives, and she didnt feel that they would grow into a good match for my crippled, sedentary lifestyle.  She had another female that was due, and explained that the parents were exceptional, and would produce pups with the characteristics I was looking for.  
(Tanya has very few litters a year.  One per dam, and she has 4 dams.  I had my fingers crossed)
The pups were born in July 08.  She had sent me pics of the litter just so I could oh and aw over the pile of cuteness.  After he first round of temperament tests, she had told me "orange sable male" would most likely be my puppy, but there were a couple weeks to go with testing and observation.  she sent pics again, and my eyes immediately scanned for the pup in the orange collar. OMG! what a cutie! hell, they were all cute...who am i kidding?  So, she did the final round and orange sable male was my pup.  I finalized payment, signed the neuter contract, signed the first full year of vitamins contract, etc....In September, little puppy Rommel was on a plane from Ocala Florida.  I was so jacked!! I couldnt wait to see him. Before my sister and i went to the airport, I called. His flight was delayed. Boo.  It was gonna be another hour or more....I called 45 min later, and it was delayed another 40 mintues. crapola.  Finally, we head to the airport.  We get to the desk, I hand them my paperwork, anxiously looking around to see a kennel.  The guy behind the counter told me that the puppy was adorable and so quite, hadnt made a peep.  I looked in and there he was.  Laying down, with his little head up, eyes alert and interested.  we got back to the car, i cut off the zip ties, opened the little gate, and he came out and sat down and looked at me.  My face hurt from smiling.  My sister was in total girl mode too...'shepeherds are the cutest puppies in the world!'  (they are frigging adorable!)
And Rommel was home.  He was so little.  Presently, his head is bigger than his entire being, back in the day. He is an incredibly handsome wolfman.
The above pic is Rommo in a hotel in Estes Park Colorado, and those are Gs hairy legs...not mine. ;)

Rommel is everything we wanted.  Highly intelligent. Strong.  Secure.  Protective, and can differentiate situations with strangers.  He rocks.

In terms of my MS;  I have felt like such a shitty dog mom because i cant walk him/walk with him, run/play with him...but, thats all when i get down with myself and am either negative or self pitying.  Rommel doesnt care about my disabilities.  If i fall, he is right there, looking at me like 'wtf? you OK?'  
He kept me going when i swan dived into depression, and had contemplated suicide.  he was always there, and the reason I got up everyday.  He makes me laugh...every day.  

It amazes me, the impact these hair machines have on us....unless you dont like dogs...which, should be illegal.....honestly, have you no soul?

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