Thursday, May 3, 2012

MS loves me

I can tell because of how tight it hugs me. The MS hug. Now that is something else. I envision Victorian ladies getting all cinched up in their corsets, and shit. One one MS chicks blog, she talks about how she combats the MS hug. She basically wrote that she wears a very tight sports bra, or some other ├╝ber restrictive clothing. I have to agree. The only relief I get from an MS hug is with pressure. Years ago, I had only read about the hug. I was reading and thinking, 'damn, thank god I don't have that'. Now that I have it, I read about remedies. My neuro has prescribed me a ton of meds for pain over the years. I have chronic pain, and thus far, I haven't found a med that relieves me. I have an aversion to meds. I have fear of dependency. I have a bigger fear of side effects. I know quite a few MSers that take daily meds for pain relief, and I am glad that they were able to find something that can help them. I had some really bad reactions, one allergic, the others were undesirable side effects I didn't want to live with. But, if you also fall victim to the squeezing MS hug, try that chicks method of pressure. It worked for me. And hey, any relief is good relief.

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