Thursday, May 17, 2012

so, a cripple walks into a bar and the bartender says....

no punchline.... guess it isn't a joke.  but, being a cripple....ill make fun of it all i want.

i got a couple worthless, million dollar questions recently.

1.  what would I say to someone who doesn't have legs?  my instant answer was, "they (legs) ain't all they're cracked up to be."
only cos mine don't work for shit, i suppose.  but, there are benefits to having these numb, spastic, painful, dead things attached to me.  but, all in all. that was my answer, and i am sticking with it.

***and while i do have these 'why the fuck would someone ask me that' moments......what the hell.

2.  would i keep my life the way it was/is (i.e. be mobile ALL my life, then BOOM...have my mobility taken from me. Or, would i rather be crippled right outta the gate?

um.....jesus.  i am still throwing that one around.  it isn't by any standard a thought consumer....but, i have spent a little time on it.

pros and cons to both.  both ultimately suck the bag.  both piss me off.  the 'would you rather' game is supposed to be funny/gross.....not rub your nose in your own crippled shit.

actually, before this becomes an MS cesspool....I have to admit, being crippled hasn't been at the top of my list as of late.  with the weather shift in Vermont... (cold, hot, cold, warm, freezing, sweaty, hot, cold, warm, etc) my body has been doing its typical painful adjustments to temperature changes.

the pain i have had over the last month have been...pretty epic.  tiny electrical explosions.  stabbing.  burning.  tooth-aching, throbbing, gross pain.  my left foots instep that never meets the floor...causes a wave of nausea when pressed (like accidentally stepping on one of Rommels toys/bones).  pinpoint, bursting pain in my head that leave a blood taste in my mouth. yummy.  waves of 'ow'.  The MS hug....loving the shit out of me....

shit.  so, no....the cripple bit hasn't been up front for me as of late.  I like bitching less about it. ;) (or, do i?)

one MSer had one mentioned the amount of bitching people (including me) with MS do.  and, trust me, they do/did bitch, and bitch.....  and i am like, wtf?  you have MS, I have MS, all the MSers blogs bitching about MS?! DUH!  why the fuck wouldn't they.  cripes.  get it out. vent it out.  its a friggin blog.  and, its yours/theirs/mine.  

but, hey. whatever gets ya through the day, right?  i am admittedly pretty intolerant of, if someone cant tolerate me..... seriously, dude, no biggie.

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