Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I am in it for the parking....

I saw that on a tshirt, and laughed my ass off. It's right up my alley...a darker humor. However, I know some people that have handicapped plaquards, and really do not NEED them. I use a wheelchair, and since I am Rollin, G. 95%of the time doesn't park in a handicap spot...I don't think I need it, not really. And I always consider the fact that there is someone much worse off than I, and I do not want to take up one of the few spots left. That is just how I am. Well, last week, G and I went shopping, yet I decided I didn't want to go in. Just wasn't feeling it. So, he parked about 3 spots away from the handicapped spots. Basically, I had a birds eye view of the vehicles occupying the handicapped spots. Since I didn't feel like reading my book, I decided to people watch. I started trying to pick out which vehicle belonged to the people exiting the store. In about 10 minutes in the bed, bath and beyond parking lot, I had matched the correct vehicle to one person. A cute, petite chick with a HUGE shopping bag that got into a focus. Yay me...the next miss Cleo? HAR. Well, I see this chick, fucking sprinting from the store (it had started to rain), she is hauling ass with her bag in her hand, and holding her purse above her head so her hair won't get wet. I am quickly trying to pick which car is hers, and before I can, she is getting into one of the vehicles in the handicapped spots. Seriously? Fucking seriously?

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  1. I really can't believe anyone has the nerve to do that!