Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pocket pisser

This is the name G. And I have given to the travel John portable pocket urinal. This thing is amazing. It has been beneficial for my MS incontinence. I can leave the house with a sense of security, knowing that I got the pant pissing thing under control. I don't know about your MS, but mine has given me urinary urgency. Combine that urgency with the inability to walk unassisted, and you got yourself some wet jeans, man. Prior to finding the travel John portable urinals, when we left the house, I was obsessive about my impending urge to have to go. That is also crippling....seriously. Poor g., desperately trying to find a discreet pull off...then, having to hustle to try to hep me get to the spot. Sucks. But now, I am ecstatic as hell. I feel some control. And, to boot, now that I don't have any anxiety about having to piss, I can enjoy the ride. My main issue with urination during travel isn't finding a bathroom in a rest area, or gas station. They seem to be everywhere. My problem is that my spasticity is really bad, and I need assistance. After sitting in a car for an hour or more, I get extremely stiff. I don't move fast to begin with, but right outta the car after an hour of sitting, I move like a rusty tin man. So, using a gas station bathroom isn't an option because I cannot hold it. When I gotta go, I gotta go. So, if you have any urgency issues, or, if you just want to piss in your car with no odor, no mess, then get some pocket pissers (travel johns). I think you can find them at hunting type stores if you live near a gander mountains, but I got mine online. When we went on our 2 week US tour, I took them with me, and used when necessary. Like ABSOLUTLY necessary....I used reast areas, and gas station bathroom the majority of the time. But I had them handy for when I knew I wouldn't be able to make it. So, there it is....

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  1. Quite a condition right there, but I'm glad you're holding up pretty well. Holding your piss in is quite perilous, and it helps to have some sort of portable refuge, so to speak. Truly, even the simplest conveniences can make anyone's day.

    Diana Lee @ Waterless Urinal Cartridges