Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Because you're most likely dead...

I understand you and I know why you do the things that you do.  And boy oh boy, you sure gotta admit how scary being understood is.  Easily typed, but it is true.  Yeah, I know you.  I know why you feel anxious and sketchy.  I understand you now.  I have wanted to go head to head with you for so long.  Yet now, we are intertwined.  I know what goes on in your fucking head.  I know why theses thoughts are there.  And I know why you think them over and over.  It is them.  Not us.  They do not understand.  We do.  We see clearly.  Speak sharply.  Act defiantly.  We know the fucking score and want to crush the fuckers keeping it.  The big picture.  Full view.  Don't be bummed.  It was predetermined.  Destiny.  Fate wove us on this cloth of time eons ago.  The universe has had it in for us.  It's been a long time coming.  We get the grim harsh lessons.  We feel the pain.  We taste the blood.  We know who we cannot trust.  We are attacked from behind.  Barbed wire words hurled to snare us.  We are elusive- they are closing in fast.  We have to admit it all now.  Time to fess up.  No more hiding behind false idols.  I know it's all coming down now.  The proverbial shit is hitting the fan.  When they see us they will attack.  They fear the truth.  I know you see it too.  It can all be over in seconds.  It is just something that we need to come to terms with.  At least we know...think of it that way.  Think of truth.  Fuck their consequences.  They are not real.  They are a facade.  They wear masks.  They speak fictional sentences.  We can continue.  We can plunge forward forsaking the rest. Fuck this pathetic society.  Now it's just me and you.  That's the real shit.

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