Thursday, September 12, 2013

To blog or not to blog

Obviously, to not much blog...

I did, however, want to post about something I usually am bereft of....

That would be 'hope'....

Sure, any cripple that has been ravagely fucked by multiple sclerosis can lament about a hope for the cure.  Well, duh.  My 'first star I see tonight' wish is always an MS cure.

This new hope I have has got me all bunged up.  I am a pragmatic chick.... This is the way it is...I see it for what It is.

1. I have a chronic illness that is destroying protective sheathing around the nerves in my brain
2. This myelin destruction has seriously fucked my body up, robbed me, jypped me, screwed me out of a 'normal' life...
3. Without a wall, an arm, or a cane...I will fall on my face...hey, sometimes I even fall on my face with those things.

(there is plenty of other shit to compile on the above list, but I am abandoning that ship) its depressing...

So, fuck it. Let's talk about HOPE.

Currently, hope is blooming inside me in the form of a counter balancing weighted vest.  A physical therapist designed this shit a few years ago, and so far, they have an 80% success rate with improving balance.  For ms patients, but not limited to.  In fact, they utilize this vest for patients with Parkinson's, vertigo, old age, and ataxia.  (fuck ataxia...I looked that up, and what a horrible, shitty disease.)  life is hard enough, but then our brains freak the fuck out and develope some seriously debilitating shit.

So, after I watched several YouTube videos of assessments, before and after, patient testimonials, etc...I contacted them.  I am going to syracus, NY. To a PT to be assessed on the 17th.  Let's just say, fingers cross.  Cos, if I am in that 20%...I am gonna be PISSED.

So, there's my new hope.  It has changed my mood.  Not that I am a sad sack...I am actually pretty chill, and only have moments of super sucky self loathing.  I have always been mercurial, so...I ain't giving my moodiness to MS, too.  It has already laid claim to a lot.

Anyway..I wasn't gonna blog post about it until after, but...hey....I did.

It's called.balancewear vest, by motion theraputics.  Check this shit out... If I got my balance back, would change my life.

Not to mention, while I can't remember the medical name....the vest can cause 'carry over', meaning that after you take the vest off, your body still acts in a way that it did when the vest was on.
Re-mapping...kinda.  Artificial center of balance.  Fucking counter weighting.  So simple.

I am excited, and will update after my appointment.  Neato

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