Thursday, September 17, 2015

The affliction of being human

It does get overwhelming.  Due to humans, and their sadistic ways, there is a never ending onslaught of petitions and campaigns to sign and share.  There is an absolute mudslide of surreptitious video footage of some cocksucker heartlessly torturing a factory animal.  A constant supply of animal abuse stories accompanied with the images of the aftermath of cruel acts towards animals.

But...I will never cease.  I will never stop.  One day, death will come, and I will rest my heavy soul.  Until that day, I have a lot of ground to cover.

#Spain for example.  Their claims of 'tradition' to justify their blood sport of torture and murder of bulls.  

Funny...I remember when it was 'tradition' for Americans to kill spaniards in the Spanish american war.  

Can we go back to that? Can we hit reverse? No? Why? Ah, we have progressed, have we?  Spain doesn't seem to think so.

If we want to #EndSadism we need to end sadists.  The root of the problem.

But we don't want to we? Nah, cos then we could have our chicken salad.   Think about that. Chicken salad.  Now, think about it again.

And guess what?  Even if you love animals, are against are 100% culpable in the support of sadistic acts toward animals.  Yep. You are.

How? Demand.  It is the demand.  

Does fois gras gross you out? Enrage you?  Stir a deep well of emotion within you? Are you ambivalent?   Any product you use/eat/wear that is of goose origin, YOU support the force fed fois gras factory farm geese.  #Truth

Wake up, zombie.  If you buy a down jacket...goose pate...down comforter...down pillow...YOU are held accountable for the suffering of the force fed factory farmed geese.  

Admittedly, I wrote all this last night.  Tonight, I am feeling a bit more somber.  Just a tad.  Hit the bottle, hit the blog.  Tonight...I mourn.  I am no longer angry.  

This world I live in is so completely detached.  If you take your family Apple picking, then why not swing over to the slaughter house.  Maybe you can pick the ripest hairy fruit...and then cut its fucking throat.

I am so at a loss for words right now.  All I have in me at this moment is shame.  I am ashamed to be human.

Do you know what's going on in Taiji Japan right now?  Do you know who funds it? We do.  Seaworld.  Miami seaquarium. Vancouver aquarium.   Swim with dolphins?  Tourist bullshit.

Sleep peacefully, fuckface.  EVERY species is fighting for its life RIGHT NOW, at this moment, because of humans. Me.  You.

Sleep well.   

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